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Healthabove60 continues it's excellence in providing the geriatric services for the seniors. Read our 2nd and 3rd Quarter 2019 eNewsletter that discusses the services for seniors at home and a glimpse on our senior home care journey. Get more information: https://www.healthabove60.com/


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TM N e w sle t er 2 nd 3 rd Quarter June - December 2019

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The quality of healthcare depends on the cooperation between the patient and the healthcare provider in a supportive environment. Healthcare quality can be improvised with the coordination of good visionary leadership proper plan- ning of the services to be provided knowledge about the availability of effective resources. We have completed a wholehearted 5 years in providing the care and ser- vices for the elders. Thanks to the good cooperation between the clients and our employees. We are striving hard to keep this momentum going. The clientʼs feed- back has always been the best supporting factor for us that makes us feel more enthusiastic to be more sincere towards taking care and providing the best ser- vices to them. Hence we will work more sincerely in making our clients more pro- tected with our services. As we move towards the end of the year we look at all possible ways to make our services the best in the coming years. As a team itʼs a necessity that there is full commitment from all of us when we set our goals high. Sticking to the progression in the geriatric services and providing the best comfort for the elders is our ultimate aim. With a positive mind and determination we set our goals high and we are striving hard to be the best in providing Geriatric services. Foreword

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Consulting doctors at the hospital could be tough for seniors considering all the tiresome tasks involved in depending on the hospitals for general consultations regular health check-ups. The doctors home visits can be of great benefit for the elderly in many ways. The Benefits of ‘Doctor Home Care’ for Seniors With providing the best service to the elders being our primary Objective we provide Multispecialty consultations for our clients. Multiple Specializations in Doctor Consultations: Family Physician Family physicians are the primary care providers. Our family physicians pos- sess good knowledge in adult and pediatric medicine. They provide comprehensive medical care for the elderly with great care General physician General physician expertise in providing non-surgical health care for adult pa- tients. They care for serious or unusual medical problems and continue seeing the patient until these problems have resolved or stabilized. Our general physicians are Broadly educated to deal with the entire range of the patients medical problems. Thorough logical and scientific approach in providing expert diagnosis. Able to assess and choose drugs other medical therapies wisely to prevent treat disease able to care for patients as whole people not just body systems. Highly skilled in clinical decision making cost-effective use of dwindling health care resources.

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Orthopedics The risk of ortho related diseases like rheumatics arthritis etc. generally increase concerning aging. Our orthopedic doctors are well trained in providing the elders with the best care. They possess a very good experience in the field of orthopedics and take care of the elders in the way they are satisfied with. General surgeon A General Surgeon is a medical specialist who determines the need for sur- gery for a wide range of illness. Our doctors are educated and trained in the diagno- sis preoperative operative post-operative management of patient care. Our General surgeons excels in providing patient care especially for the elder- ly. They help the elders with all the precautionary activities to restrict themselves from many diseases. Geriatrician: Our Geriatricians are trained in treating patients who have multiple medical prob- lems. They are specifically trained in how these ailments affect the physical emotional health of an elder person. As a part of aging the medical problems may affect the elderly both physically mentally. We provide Geriatric care for elders with medical needs. Good Health now customised bundled to your doorstep

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Conditions like dementia and schizo- phrenia are quite common in the elderly. The elderly have various kinds of mindsets and the way they think is way different from others. They easily become happy and also become gloomy soon. These kinds of mood swings also leads them to depression. we arrange psychiatric sessions for the elderly at home. Our psychiatrists are specialized in ho- listic assessment treatment and con- tinuing care for older adults or those with similar needs who suffer from a range of mental health problems including dementia and other disorders including depression and schizophrenia Psychiatrist

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