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A short introduction to my role game in which business processen are experienced by participants: "legostics". Focussing on logistic aspects of business processes, with Lego bricks used to build products (small towers)


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VERSION 1 & 2 + Introduction + Quality + Illustrate turning problems

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ROLES VERSION 1,2 LATER ROLES + Administration + Sales + Purchase + Suppliers + World market raw materials + World market finished products + Customers + Logistic Manager + assistent(s) + Production Dept 1 + assistent(s) + Production Dept 2 + assistent(s) + Production Dept 3 + assistent(s) + Dept Raw Materials + assistent(s) + Dept Finished Product + assistent(s)

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DIFFERENT PRODUCTS From top to bottom: + Tower C + Tower B + Tower A

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Information flow: Order form

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LAY-OUT VERSION 1 & 2 Customer Logistics Manager Department 1 Department 2 Department 3 Dept Raw Materials Temporary stock work in progress 1 Warehouse Finished Products Temporary stock work in progress 2

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VERSION 1 & 2 + Introduction of the simulation and roles + Quality + Illustrate turning problems + Definitions Supporting disciplines: Statistics

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NO QUALITY Quality is never an accident; It’s always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent directing and skillfull execution; It represents the wise choice of many alternatives. (-John Ruskin-)

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SUPPLIERS MANAGEMENT Effect on financial results High Low Leverage Competition Strategic partnership High Routine Efficiency Bottleneckproducts Searching Alternatives Risk of delivery Low

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EXAMPLES OF THESE TYPE OF ORGANISATIONS + Hospitals + Schools + Universities + Bureaucratic institutions Characteristic: ineffetiveness

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COMMONPROBLEMS Business relationship: Between customers and suppliers the relationship is often based on: You have no choice! Waiting for products Wrong delivery!

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