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GRE Verbal 1:

GRE Verbal 1 Dr. Geetha. B

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Verbal Section: 8-10 antonyms 6-8 analogy 5-7 sentence completion 6-10 reading comprehension

Sentence Completion:

Sentence Completion to choose words to fill in and make the sentence meaningful tests Reading Comprehension & vocabulary understanding of the logic, style, and tone, differences in usages etc.

Antonym questions:

Antonym questions most straightforward vocabulary questions choose the best option perfidy X faithfulness (eg.)


Tactics 1. Think of a context for the capitalized word: MAGNIFY: a. forgive b. comprehend c. extract d. diminish e. electrify

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MOURNFUL: a. informal b. sympathetic c. private d. appropriate e. joyous

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GRANDIOSE: a. docile b. unlikely to occur c. simple and unimposing d. light in weight e. uncommunicative

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IRK: a. pry b. tinge c. beguile d. convince e. soothe

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2. Before looking at the given choices, think of an antonym: INDUSTRIOUS a. stupid b. harsh c. indolent d. complex e. inexpensive

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3. read all the choices before you chose BANALITY a. detailed analysis b. unrehearsed statement c. succinct account d. novel expression e. faithful description

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4. determine the word’s part of speech PRECIPITATE: a. candid b. erratic c. cautious (adj. precipitate~ hasty) d. generous e. shallow

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precipitate (v): cause to happen suddenly; cause to deposit (chemistry) precipitate (adj): acting suddenly without careful consideration

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consider secondary meanings as well LIST: a. overturn b. be upright c. lie flat d. fall forward e. veer from side to side e. veer from side to side

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‘list’ also means ‘ to cause to lean to the side’ when a ship ‘lists’, it tilts or leans to one side; so the antonym is ‘be upright’!

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6. Break down unfamiliar words into recognizable parts SYNCHRONOUS (syn~ together, chron~ time) a. not in working order b. without problems c. out of position d. not in phase e. without permission

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7. Change unfamiliar words from one part of speech to another DICHOTOMOUS: a. apparent b. undivided c. atypical d. indifferent e. abstract ‘dichotomy’~ ‘divided’ between; the antonym is ‘undivided’

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8. Test words for their +ve / -ve connotations CHARY: a. bold b. bright c. unsteady d. unforgiving e. unhappy 'chary' has something of a -ve feel to it; so eliminate the choices with ‘un'; 'chary' is 'hesitant', cautious. so the antonym is 'bold'

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9. Watch out for errors caused by eye-catchers REDOUBTABLE: a. unanticipated b. unambiguous c. unimposing d. inescapable e. immutable 'unambiguous' is an eye-catcher! redoubtable' means 'formidable', 'imposing' and the antonym is ' c'


APOTHEOSIS: a. departure from tradition b. impatience with stupidity c. demotion from glory d. surrender to impulse e. cause for grief apotheosis means ‘climax’, elevation of someone to divine status

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PARSIMONIOUS: a. appropriate b. generous c. complete d. radiant e. ongoing (parsimonious means stingy or frugal)

Analogy questions:

Analogy questions test one’s understanding of relationships between words; your job is to determine the relationship between the original pair of words (stem words) and find an answer choice. one pair of words given; asked to choose another pair with similar relationships

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friction: abrasion:: i. sterility: cleanliness ii. dam: flood iii. laceration: wound iv. heat: evaporation v. literacy: ignorance (abrasion= process of scraping away; lacerate= deeply cut)

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make a simple sentence to show the relationship between the two words do not tell a story (abrasive substances may simulate a sense of friction; instead, say friction causes abrasion) does sterility cause cleanliness? no. laceration... wound? no. heat causes evaporation? yes... answer: ‘d’.

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listless: excite:: i. stuffy: brag ii. skeptical: convince iii. industrious: produce iv. scholarly: instruct v. impenetrable: ignore ( listless means lacking energy/ enthusiasm)

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listless is difficult to ‘excite’ stuffy means difficult to brag? skeptical is difficult to convince? industrious means difficult to produce? scholarly means difficult to instruct?

common gre relationships:

common gre relationships elation: emotion (elation is a type of emotion) ultimatum: coerce (an ultimatum is used to coerce) abhorrence: dislike (abhorrence is a greater degree of dislike bigot: intolerance ( a bigot is characterized by intolerance) hubris: humility (someone with hubris lacks humility)

Drill :

Drill make a sentence for each of the following: organ: kidney (type of) centrifuge: separate ( used to) lassitude: energy(lack of) fervor: zealot ( characterized by ) agony: pain (degree of) miser: thrift (a miser uses excessive thrift)

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complaint: servile (servile means excessive compliant) lubricant: abrasion (a lubricant prevents abrasion) wild: restraint (wild means lack of restraint)


more... eternal: end a. precursory: beginning b. grammatical: sentence c. implausible: credibility d. invaluable: worth e. frenetic: movement

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eternal means ‘without’ end precursory means ‘preliminary’ implausible means ‘without credibility’? frenetic means energetic in a wild way

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dolphin: mammal:: a. larva: insect b. penguin: bird c. sonnet: stanza d. computer: machine e. peninsula: island dolphin is a mammal; penguin- bird, computer- machine; best option: ??

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flag: vigor:: a. shield: protection b. arrange: marriage c. announce: position d. diminish: size e. record: sound

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flag means decline in vigor diminish means reduce in size no other option suits here

Slide 34:

drawl: speak:: a. spurt: expel b. foster: develop c. scintillate: flash d. pare:trim e. saunter: walk to drawl is to speak slowly -in a lazy way so what is the option?not sure of the third option..? does the last one ring a bell???: that is the choice!

not sure of one of the stem words?? :

not sure of one of the stem words?? xxxxx:xxxxx:: a. precipitous: mountain b. judicious: system c. dispersive: discharge d. strident: sound e. epidemic: disease which sets of options have a relationship? apparently only ‘e’ has! hence, the option is possibly ‘e’


drill i. laudable: praise ii. bed: river vi. famous: wealth iii. optimistic: success vii. soporific: sleep iv. disorder: pandemonium viii. scrutinize: text v. posthumous: death ix. malinger: work

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laudable is worthy of praise a bed is the bottom of a river no relation pandemonium is a great amount of disorder. posthumous is occurring after death. no relation

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vii. soporific mans inducing sleep viii. no relation ix. malinger means to avoid work

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1. HOSPITAL: HEALING:: a. closet: clothes b. court: justice c. mill: machinery d. symphony: instruments legislature: representative

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2. SCORE: CONCERTO:: a. voice:singer b. pillar: support c. crystal: density d. screenplay: movie e. antenna: frequency

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3. MALLEABLE: PLIABILITY:: a. lascivious: lust b. authoritative: tyranny c. morose: simplicity d. consolidated: accuracy e. toxic: health

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4. IGNOMINIOUS: PRAISE:: a. noxious:harm b. mysticism: peace c. luxurious: guile d. exemplary: criticism e. exuberant: peace

sentence completion:

sentence completion take advantage of the way in which these questions are designed broadly 2 types of questions are asked one word missing two words missing

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basic steps: come up with your own word for the blank before reading the given options eliminate answer choices that don’t match with your word they just don’t test your vocabulary, but, your problem solving skills too

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Museums that house many paintings and sculptures are good places for students of i. art ii. science iii. religion iv. dichotomy v. politics

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Museums that house many elaborate talismans are good places for students of i. art ii. science iii. religion iv. dichotomy v. politics

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Museums, because they house paintings and sculptures that reflect the development of different governing institutions, are good places for students of ---- i. art v. politics ii. science iii. religion iv. dichotomy

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Popular songs often ----- the history of a society in that their subjects are frequently the events that have influenced and steered the society. i. confuse v. confront ii. renounce iii. recount iv. foresee

Slide 49:

what would be your word for the blank? reflect? describe? which of the options best fits?


exercises... 1. Although a few of the plots twists in her novel were unexpected, overall, the major events depicted in the work were ----enough. i. lively v. creative ii. well developed iii. predictable iv. complex

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2. A recent poll shows that, while 81 percent of college students are eligible for sme form of financial aid, only 63 percent of them are ---such aid. i. complaining about v. turned down for ii. recipients of iii. dissatisfied with iv. paying for

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3. A business concerned about its efficiency should pay attention to the actions of its staff, because the mistake of each of its employees often---the effectiveness of the organization of which they are a part. i. remake iv. undermine ii. provoke v. control iii. celebrate

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4. Langston Hughes’s creative works were the highlight, not the ....of his writings; he was also a prolific writer of nonfiction and political commentary. i. peculiarity v. entirety ii. product iii. initiator iv. average

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Because Congressman Green is known for his public posturing, many people are surprised to discover that he is ___ man in private. An articulate A hopeful A diffident A mendacious A truculent

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The critic gave the new movie a ___ review, writing that although the plot and visual effects were strong, the acting was ___. controversial…inevitable tepid… mediocre Candid…superb Stellar…uninspired Mixed…conscientious

Slide 56:

Although he asserted his theology was derived from ______ school of thought, it actually utilizes conventions from many religions and so it rightfully could be described as having _____ origins. a particular….diverse A cogent…multitalented A prominent…coherent An influential…reductive A single…consonant

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The notion that socialism inhibits individual expression is supported by historical studies that have shown that individualism has ____only in societies where socialist programs have been ___. diminished…debated Thrived…abandoned Grown…fostered Triumphed…improved Wallow ed…restrained

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The end!

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