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Web Design Training Institute in Chennai:

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Objective of web development • Designing a website and making it compatible with Google search engine to rank it higher. • Cutting down on the complexity and cost of the development • Allowing the website to be easily enhanced and rapidly developed Defining a website It is a set of related pages served from a web domain. The website can be hosted from one or more web servers accessible through a network like internet or Local Area Network through a Uniform resource locator ( Url ).

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Website development features • Domain: It is a unique name identified with your website. It gives your complete autonomy and authority on the internet. The names are formed by the rules laid down by Domain Name System (DNS). It represents the Internet Protocol (IP) resource. • Technology: Client side technology includes HTML, CSS and Java Script and the server side technology includes. PHP, XML, Linux\Apache, MySQL and Secure Server.

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• Hosting: It makes the website open to the public. The website is composed of images, videos, text and content. People see the website when the internet is available and the website is stored on a web server. • Web development helps the pages to look dynamic with additional programs and features like PHP, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript and others.

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CMS (Content Management System) It is an application allowing creation and management of website using an admin panel. The content management system reduces website implementation and design costs facilitating management of the content within the website. Traditional web development uses HTML elements to building the website. The older version of HTML takes a long time to design a website.

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CMS is more popular in web design organizations and most Web Design Training Institute in Chennai train on CMS. They realize the future of website development lies in CMS. It saves on time and the company can spend more time on marketing. It gives the company time to spend on marketing activities. It gives the freedom to provide what the site needs. It saves on company cost as the updates can be done by the staff.

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