Tajweed Lesson 1 FINAL

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Introduction to Qur’anic Recitation:

Introduction to Qur’anic Recitation Instructor: Haroon Baqai Email Address: [email protected] Station 1: Taking Off With Tajweed


Objectives Define Tajweed Define Al- Lahn Identify & differentiate between the two types of Al- Lahn Explain the impact of some of the major mistakes made in the Qur’an 2


Tajweed 3 Root word: Jawwada Yujawwidu ( جَوَّدَ يُجَوِّدُ ) Means to beautify or adorn something, to make something good Things to remember : Pronounce each letter from its Makhraj with its respective Sifaat Knowledge & implementation of other rules of Tajweed ( Ghunnah , Madd , etc. ) Without Takalluf

Why Tajweed?:

Why Tajweed ? Beautification of the recitation of the Quran The Qur’an was revealed that way لأنه به الإله أنزلا وهكذا منه إلينا وصلا 4

Al-Lahn (اللحن) :

Al- Lahn ( اللحن ) Al - Lahn ( اللحن ) – mistake or error Two types of mistakes: 1. Al- Lahn Al Jali ( اللحن الجلي ) 2. Al- Lahn Al- Khafi ( اللحن الخفي ) 5

Al-Lahn (اللحن):

Al -Lahn ( اللحن ) 1. Al-Lahn Al-Jali (اللحن الجلي ) Adding a letter in a word Removing a letter from a word Pronouncing a letter from the wrong Makhraj (origination or point of articulation) Pronouncing the letter from its Makhraj but changing some of its Sifaat (qualities/characteristics) 6

Al-Lahn Al-Jali (اللحن الجلي):

Al- Lahn Al- Jali ( اللحن الجلي ) Two Types of Al- Lahn Al- Jali Changes meanings Does not change meanings Ruling on Al- Lahn Al- Jali 7

Examples of Al-Lahn Al-Jali:

Examples of Al- Lahn Al- Jali Example 1 Example 2 1A قَ لْب 1B كَ لْب 2A أَنْعَمْ تَ 2B أَنْعَمْ تُ 3A ا ث ْمٌ 3B ا سْ مٌ 8


Al- Lahn 2. Al- Lahn Al- Khafi ( اللحن الخفي ) Prominent , easily noticeable Subtle, only noticeable by experts Ruling on Al- Lahn Al- Khafi (two opinions) 9


Summary Definition of Tajweed Definition of Al- Lahn Two types of Al- Lahn Impact of some of the major mistakes made in the Qur’an 10

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