Hajj 2012 Logistics V2

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Hajj 2012 Logistics V2


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Hajj 2012 Logistics:

Hajj 2012 Logistics The What, Where, When and How of Your Trip!

Before Departure:

Before Departure Check your passport, e-ticket, IDs and other necessary documents Pack light, only bare necessities. (please follow TSA’s instructions for hand carry- ons . http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/index.shtm ) Take all important phone numbers, program itinerary and an unlocked phone. Remember to keep a copy of your passport with your US address written on it, in each luggage to be checked-in. Arrive at airport, at least 3 hours before the flight departure time.

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Arrival In Madinah Al- Munawwarah

Landing and Transportation to Hotel in Madinah:

Landing and Transportation to Hotel in Madinah October 17/18/19/20, met by brother Tariq Javed or brother Abdus-Samad Passport formalities at MED airport Ride buses to hotels Package A/B: Holiday Villa Package C/D: Ramada Al-Qibla Room keys at hotel from organizers EXPECT DELAYS

Madinah Hotels:

Madinah Hotels

Key Daily Activities in Madinah:

Key Daily Activities in Madinah Pray 5 Salaahs in Masjid An-Nabawi Rest and be prepared for Umrah / Hajj Lectures by the various Mashayikh Breakfast and Dinner served in the restaurant area of respective hotels

Visit of Historic Sites:

Visit of Historic Sites October 20, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM Ride buses from hotels at 8:00 AM Uhud, Masjid Quba and Qiblatain EXPECT DELAYS

Departure / Trip to Makkah:

Departure / Trip to Makkah October 21, departure at 2:00 PM (prepare by 11:00 AM) Stop in Meeqaat for intention Journey time: 8-12 hours Take basic snacks / water EXPECT DELAYS

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Arrival In Makkah / Aziziah Apartments

Arrival / Umrah:

Arrival / Umrah Put luggage in Aziziah apartments Located at Abdullah Al- Khayat Street, close to the intersection of King Khalid tunnel road, opposite to Aziziah district police station Freshen up, have a light meal/breakfast Re-ride buses to go for ‘ Umrah (we may have an option for performing at a little later time) Return from Masjid Al- Haraam will be coordinated EXPECT DELAYS

Stay in Aziziah – Daily Acitvities:

Stay in Aziziah – Daily Acitvities October 22 – 24 All packages in the same apartments; brothers and sisters separated Quad or Quint occupancy applies based on packages All three meals served Hot water for tea/coffee, juices and water available 24/7 to all Daily lectures Rest and prepare for Hajj Could go to Haram for Salaahs (know apartment location to tell taxi driver)

Hajj Workshop:

Hajj Workshop Zul Hijjah 7 in Aziziah apartments Time: TBA Hajj workshop (quick review) followed by Q&A, In Shaa Allah

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Journey of Hajj

Departure to Mina:

Departure to Mina October 24 / Zul Hijjah 8: Depart by buses from Aziziah apartments at 7:00 AM Stay in Mina (VIP tents for Program A, North American tents for B, C and D) All three meals served in Mina EXPECT DELAYS

Map of Mina:

Map of Mina

‘Arafah / Muzdalifah:

‘Arafah / Muzdalifah Zul Hijjah 9 Program A: depart from tents on foot to go to train station, and then on train to ‘ Arafah . Exact time of departure will be announced one day earlier. Program B, C, D: depart from tents on buses after Salaat Al- Fajr . Exact time of departure will be announced one day earlier. Stay in Arafah until Maghrib , then go to Muzdalifah (same mode) EXPECT DELAYS

‘Arafah / Muzdalifah (contd):

‘Arafah / Muzdalifah (contd) Spend night in Muzdalifah (no meals) Program A: depart Muzdalifah to return to Mina, on train B/C/D ride buses after Fajr EXPECT DELAYS, DELAYS AND MORE DELAYS 

Map of Mina, Arafah and Muzdalifah:

Map of Mina, Arafah and Muzdalifah

Return to Mina:

Return to Mina Upon return, stone big Jamarah, slaughter (done between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM), shave, wear regular clothes Could go to Makkah for Tawaaf Al-Ifaadhah / Sa’y, or could delay (we recommend it on 11 th or 13 th due to the crowd movement)

Stay in Mina (11th, 12th, 13th):

Stay in Mina (11 th , 12 th , 13 th ) Stay in Mina on 11 th , 12 th and part of 13 th of Zul Hijjah (must spend more than half of the night there) Stone Jamaraat after Dhuhr On 13 th , depart Mina immediately after Dhuhr to return to Aziziah apartments

PowerPoint Presentation:

Return In Makkah / Aziziah Apartments

Rest / Recuperate in Aziziah:

Rest / Recuperate in Aziziah Rest / recuperate in Aziziah apartments on 13 th and 14 th of Zul Hijjah Program A/B/C pack your luggage Ride buses on 14 th of Zul Hijjah to go to Makkah hotels Program A/B: As-Safwah Program C: Ramada Ajyad Program D: Stays in Aziziah

Makkah Hotels:

Makkah Hotels

Stay in Makkah :

Stay in Makkah Pray 5 Salaahs in Haram Tawaaf Al-Ifaadhah and Sa’y (if not done earlier) Breakfast / dinner served in hotels Lectures according to schedule

Departure from Makkah:

Departure from Makkah Perform Tawaaf Al- Wadaa ’ shortly before departure Depart at least 10 hours prior to flight time WE DO NOT WANT DELAYS HERE  Ride buses/private taxis to Jeddah airport Receive passport from organizers / bus drivers Regular check-in and boarding formalities

تقبل الله منا ومنكم، حجا مبرورا إن شاء الله:

تقبل الله منا ومنكم، حجا مبرورا إن شاء الله May Allah accept it from us and you; may Allah make it an accepted Hajj In Shaa Allah!

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