Parents Orientation (Recorded) Part 2

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Al-Huda School Parent Orientation Recording (Part 2)


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Lunch Deliveries:

Lunch Deliveries Please do not send your child with food that requires heating. Send healthy and nutritious snacks and lunches. Students are not allowed to have lunch delivered to them.

Parent Visits/Volunteers:

Parent Visits/Volunteers Volunteers – always appreciated! Lunch/Recess Morning/Afternoon Traffic Field Trips Must abide by school dress code and policies Visitors – appreciated with passes (as long as no extempore PT conferences  )

Prohibited Items:

Prohibited Items Heeles Cell Phones and Electronic/Musical Devices, Headphones, Laptops, iPADs ( includes, game boys, Sony PS3, MP3 Players, etc.). Cameras Islamically prohibited items (magazines, birthdays, etc.)

Computer & Internet Usage:

Computer & Internet Usage Detailed policy in the handbook Privileges can be taken away Misuse of computers and internet will result in disciplinary action. Internet Usage Form must be signed by both the parents and the students and turned into the school. Social media (facebook, twitter, etc)

Medicine Administration:

Medicine Administration All requests MUST be given in WRITING – see Medication Administration Form. No medication will be administered without written permission. Written permission must be given EACH time medicine is to be administered to a student.

Reporting Child Abuse & Negligence:

Reporting Child Abuse & Negligence Al-Huda School is required to report any suspected cases to authorities. Remember to model the proper Islamic etiquette with your children . It is not from Islam to raise your hand upon anyone – much less a child. Disciplinary Techniques Negligence

Traffic / Carpooling:

Traffic / Carpooling Alternate routes to Al-Huda School Traffic procedure - refer to document Morning Afternoon Appreciate volunteers Carpooling

Need Tutoring Help?:

Need Tutoring Help? Islamic Leadership Institute of America (ILIA)

Forms to Pick up TODAY :

Forms to Pick up TODAY Parent-Student Handbook Emergency Cards Change of Address Forms Supply Lists Textbook Lists Giant A+ Program

Parental Involvement:

Parental Involvement Parenting workshops Dates: TBA In Shaa Allah PTSG [email protected]

PowerPoint Presentation:

Thank you so much for watching! High School Parents, please continue for another few minutes for some high-school specific issues

Graduation Requirements:

Graduation Requirements TOTAL CREDITS REQUIRED = 29 - 31 Subject # 0f Credits Arabic 4 Qur’an 4 English 4 Math 4 Islamic Studies 4 Science 4 History 3 PE/HEALTH .5 Technology .5 Internship 1 to 3


Internships A graduation requirement. Purpose: to provide our students with diverse learning opportunities and to prepare them for college and to become professionals insha Allah.

HS Report Cards & Transcript:

HS Report Cards & Transcript Grades on the transcript will include the GPA. Grades are divided into the following categories : Projects/Homework = 25% Test = 40% Classwork/Participation =20% Quizzes = 15% BEHAVIOR – will be graded on a separate scale


PSATs & SATs The Preliminary Scholastic Achievement Test (PSAT) is a standardized test designed to measure your child’s ability to do college work. All students are required to take the PSAT. 10 th and 11 th graders will take the PSAT and SAT this Fall In Shaa Allah.

Community College:

Community College Al-Huda High School is a college preparatory school. Our goal is to prepare our students to enroll in a 4-year college. Please consult us before enrolling your child in any community college classes.

Student Driving Policy :

Student Driving Policy Not allowed to operate vehicle on school property Until further notice

College Admission:

College Admission Sr. Farida , College Counselor Sr. Farida will assist & guide the 12 th graders through the admission process. Parents will ultimately be responsible for making sure their child completes and submits their applications on time.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Questions? Please call us at 301-982-2402, or email [email protected]

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