Parents Orientation (Recorded) Part 1

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Al-Huda School Parent Orientation Recording (Part 1)


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Al-Huda School:

Al-Huda School Parents’ Orientation 1433-1434 H | 2012-2013

Welcome to Dar-us-Salaam :

Welcome to Dar-us-Salaam Community of Dar-us-Salaam & Al-Huda School Al-Huda School Administration Haroon Baqai, Principal Tayaabah Qazi, VP Boys’ Section Aisha Elahi, VP Girls’ Section Office Staff

Philosophy of Islamic Education:

Philosophy of Islamic Education Provide quality education Instill love of learning Present curriculum with Islamic perspective Develop Islamic identity Foundation to build a vibrant Islamic community


Accreditation Received accreditation from CESS-MSA for K-8 in the fall of 2006! Alhamdulillah. Received accreditation for K-12 in May 2011, Allahu Akbar! Self-Study to start in this year!

Academic Evaluation:

Academic Evaluation Progress Reports Report cards Parent-Teacher Conferences Academic Probation Retention

Grading Scale:

Grading Scale Weighted Averages Behavior grades are NOT part of the academic grade. Academic grades based upon CW, HW, Class participation, projects etc. Grading Scales Teacher Ease

Behavior Standard:

Behavior Standard Discipline policy Basis: Qur’an and Sunnah Reminders about Allah and the hereafter Parents Students Teachers & Administrators

Disciplinary Management:

Disciplinary Management Strive to instill positive attitude and positive reinforcement. COMMUNICATION is critical. Categories of Offense Consequences Behavioral Probation

Honor Roll:

Honor Roll Grades Honor Roll Honorable Mention K-2 nd None None 3 rd -5 th All As & Bs and all 1s in the Behavior and Study Skills section. All As & Bs and 1s and 2s in the Behavior and Study Skill section. 6 th -8 th All As and only TWO Bs All 1s in the Behavior & Study Skills section. All As and only TWO Bs All 1s and TWO 2s in the Behavior and Study Skills section. 9 th -12 th None None

Arrival, Pick up, etc. :

Arrival, Pick up, etc . Be on time Extended Leaves Homework Tests Early Dismissal Early Drop off Study Hall Late Pick –up Policy

Homework…Works! :

Homework …Works! Al-Huda School Policy Rationale: To reinforce what has been taught. To prepare for future lessons. To measure what has been learned.

Absences & Tardiness:

Absences & Tardiness School begins at 8:00AM sharp. Late passes are given out at 8:00AM. Excessive tardiness and absences has a direct bearing upon a student’s grade and performance. Excessive tardiness and/or absences can lead to disciplinary intervention.

Extended Leave Process:

Extended Leave Process Extended Leave form must be filled out if your child will miss 3 consecutive days of school. Fill out the form online (NEW!) Extended leave from school can have a negative affect upon your child’s academic progress.

Uniform Requirements:

Uniform Requirements Girls’ Uniform White hejab Jumper Navy Blue Pants Black Shoes Black/White PLAIN socks No Make-up, Nail Polish, Eyeliner etc. Allowed and no jewelry etc. Navy blue / Black cardigan sweater. Dress code at events

Uniform Requirements:

Uniform Requirements Boys’ Uniform White shirt Navy Blue pants Black shoes Black/White plain socks Navy Blue/Black cardigan sweater only Tennis shoes ONLY for PE Must be clean and well-kept at all time

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