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Al-Huda School:

Al-Huda School Parents’ Orientation 1433-1434 H | 2011-2012 ( Kg-8 th )

Welcome to Dar-us-Salaam :

Welcome to Dar-us-Salaam Community of Dar-us-Salaam & Al-Huda School Al-Huda School Administration Haroon Baqai, Principal Tayaabah Qazi, VP Boys’ Section Aisha Elahi, VP Girls’ Section Office Staff

Philosophy of Islamic Education:

Philosophy of Islamic Education Provide quality education Instill love of learning Present curriculum with Islamic perspective Develop Islamic identity Foundation to build a vibrant Islamic community


Accreditation Received accreditation from CESS-MSA for K-8 in the fall of 2006! Alhamdulillah. Received accreditation for K-12 in May 2011, Allahu Akbar! Self-Study to start in this year!

Academic Evaluation:

Academic Evaluation TeacherEase.com Progress Reports Report cards Parent-Teacher Conferences Academic Probation Retention

Grading Scale:

Grading Scale Weighted Averages Behavior grades are NOT part of the academic grade. Academic grades based upon CW, HW, Class participation, projects etc. Grading Scales Teacher Ease

Behavior Standard:

Behavior Standard Discipline policy Basis: Qur’an and Sunnah Reminders about Allah and the hereafter Parents Students Teachers & Administrators

Disciplinary Management:

Disciplinary Management Strive to instill positive attitude and positive reinforcement. COMMUNICATION is critical. Categories of Offense Consequences Behavioral Probation

Honor Roll:

Honor Roll Grades Honor Roll Honorable Mention K-2 nd None None 3 rd -5 th All As & Bs and all 1s in the Behavior and Study Skills section. All As & Bs and 1s and 2s in the Behavior and Study Skill section. 6 th -8 th All As and only TWO Bs All 1s in the Behavior & Study Skills section. All As and only TWO Bs All 1s and TWO 2s in the Behavior and Study Skills section. 9 th -12 th None None

Arrival, Pick up, etc. :

Arrival, Pick up, etc . Be on time Extended Leaves Homework Tests Early Dismissal Early Drop off Study Hall Late Pick –up Policy

Homework…Works! :

Homework …Works! Al-Huda School Policy Rationale: To reinforce what has been taught. To prepare for future lessons. To measure what has been learned.

Absences & Tardiness:

Absences & Tardiness School begins at 8:00AM sharp. Late passes are given out at 8:00AM. Excessive tardiness and absences has a direct bearing upon a student’s grade and performance. Excessive tardiness and/or absences can lead to disciplinary intervention.

Extended Leave Process:

Extended Leave Process Extended Leave form must be filled out if your child will miss 3 consecutive days of school. Fill out the form online (NEW!) Extended leave from school can have a negative affect upon your child’s academic progress.

Uniform Requirements:

Uniform Requirements Girls’ Uniform White hejab Jumper Navy Blue Pants Black Shoes Black/White PLAIN socks No Make-up, Nail Polish, Eyeliner etc. Allowed and no jewelry etc. Navy blue / Black cardigan sweater. Dress code at events

Uniform Requirements:

Uniform Requirements Boys’ Uniform White shirt Navy Blue pants Black shoes Black/White plain socks Navy Blue/Black cardigan sweater only Tennis shoes ONLY for PE Must be clean and well-kept at all time

Lunch Deliveries:

Lunch Deliveries Please do not send your child with food that requires heating. Send healthy and nutritious snacks and lunches. Students are not allowed to have lunch delivered to them.

Parent Visits/Volunteers:

Parent Visits/Volunteers Volunteers – always appreciated! Lunch/Recess Morning/Afternoon Traffic Field Trips Must abide by school dress code and policies Visitors – appreciated with passes (as long as no extempore PT conferences  )

Prohibited Items:

Prohibited Items Heeles Cell Phones and Electronic/Musical Devices, Headphones, Laptops, iPADs ( includes, game boys, Sony PS3, MP3 Players, etc.). Cameras Islamically prohibited items (magazines, birthdays, etc.)

Computer & Internet Usage:

Computer & Internet Usage Detailed policy in the handbook Privileges can be taken away Misuse of computers and internet will result in disciplinary action. Internet Usage Form must be signed by both the parents and the students and turned into the school. Social media (facebook, twitter, etc)

Medicine Administration:

Medicine Administration All requests MUST be given in WRITING – see Medication Administration Form. No medication will be administered without written permission. Written permission must be given EACH time medicine is to be administered to a student.

Reporting Child Abuse & Negligence:

Reporting Child Abuse & Negligence Al-Huda School is required to report any suspected cases to authorities. Remember to model the proper Islamic etiquette with your children . It is not from Islam to raise your hand upon anyone – much less a child. Disciplinary Techniques Negligence

Traffic / Carpooling:

Traffic / Carpooling Alternate routes to Al-Huda School Traffic procedure - refer to document Morning Afternoon Appreciate volunteers Carpooling

Need Tutoring Help?:

Need Tutoring Help? Islamic Leadership Institute of America (ILIA) http://www.islamicleadership.org/

Forms to Pick up TODAY :

Forms to Pick up TODAY Parent-Student Handbook Emergency Cards Change of Address Forms Supply Lists Textbook Lists Giant A+ Program

Parental Involvement:

Parental Involvement Parenting workshops Dates: TBA In Shaa Allah PTSG [email protected]


Questions/Comments? Thank you so much for coming!

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