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we provide lawyers and strategic negotiators, with ample experience, to guide you through constitutional, civil and family disputes all across the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario.


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Hartman Law Resolving legal disputes quickly and cost effectively. Constitutional Law Civil Litigation Family Law

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Divorce Lawyer Toronto Memberships ● Member of the Law Society of Ontario ● Toronto Lawyers Association ● Family Lawyers Association ● Non-practicing Member of the Law Society of British Columbia

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Divorce and Separation At any stage of a family’s development Hartman Law is here to help. We can help you establish a viable Prenuptial Agreement in order to remove any financial concerns. If your marriage is experiencing challenges that may be impossible to overcome you may need a separation agreement that protects your best interests now and in the future.

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How to divorce in Toronto The word ‘divorce’ is commonly misunderstood. It is widely used as encompassing a bundle of rights and obligations relating to custody and access of children child and spousal support and division of property.

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Family Law Families are complicated and so is Family Law. Even with the best intentions family units can break down resulting in separation divorce child custody and access disputes and child support.

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We specialize in Family Law situations including: Prenuptial Agreements Divorce and Common Law Separation Child Custody and Access Disputes Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements Separation Agreements Division and Equalization of Net Family Property

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Offers to Settle under Ontario Family Law A major objective of the Ontario family law system is out of court settlement. Rule 18 of the Family Law Rules provides a code for offers to settle and Ontario family lawyers obviously must be familiar with those technical requirements.

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