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Edward de Bono’s Lateral Thinking Random Word list soap mouse cloud hair ice-cream rocket tax bed wheel frog farm computer jazz hat credit card church shop hamburger book scales coal camel diary lawyer cigarette toy snow parachute door tap hurricane watch balloon party shoe root knife smoke president button eagle taxi soup prison shark diamond gun train picture beer kitchen nose elephant wine rose saw hospital camera banana snail

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Information Feelings Caution Benefits Creativity Managing the thinking What information do we have? What are the objectives? What information do we need? How do we acquire the needed information? I once read an article where... That reminds me of an episode where... It is my impression that... What if we tried to...? That is a bad idea because... Drilling in the reservoir is problematic because... The risk of going forward on this is too high because... The implementation will be difficult because... It would be a good idea to... The project is running well but it could run even better if... The idea certainly has qualities in the area of... The potentials of this idea are so great that we should attempt to... The basics of this venture are similar to... This is comparable to... There is a likeness between this platform and... The synergies between what your saying and what he is saying is... This has been thoroughly covered. Next item is... Will the yellow hat please elaborate on the subject...? What is the documentation for the idea that...?  We need to involve these stakeholders to ensure that... Brain Writing Objective: To generate as many ideas as possible. Rules: It’s quantity not quality that counts. In groups: Each person has a sheet of paper. Everybody writes down two good ideas/solutions. Once it’s done you pass the paper to the person next to you. Again write two good ideas and pass on the sheet. Continue like this for a set amount of time. Lateral Thinking In normal thinking, each step that we take is fiemly based on the preceding step (vertical thinking). When we arrive at a solution, the validity of that solution is proved by the validity of every proceding step. Lateral thinking gets us out of the normal way and we create somthing new. Methods for lateral thinking: Provocation :: Random Word :: Pressure – 90 ideas in 10 minutes :: Steal from a previous idea on the list

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