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What is the Bermuda Triangle?:

What is the Bermuda Triangle? The Bermuda Triangle is a place where mysterious things happen. Planes and boats disappear in the Bermuda Triangle, sometimes without a trace. Sometimes boats are washed up on shore with nobody on board. It is also known as the devils triangle. On the 14 th of October 1961 a B52 bomber disappeared in the Bermuda triangle.

Where it is.:

Atlantic ocean Existing by Miami ,San Juan, Bermuda Where it is.

Ships & Planes that disappeared:

Ships & Planes that disappeared that This was the first ship disappeared in the Bermuda triangle.


FLIGHT 19 A training flight of bombers went missing on December 5 th 1945. It was a calm day, but they had strange compass readings. A search and rescue aircraft with a 13 man crew sent to find them also went missing.


Theories Strong currents. Aliens. Atlantis. Human error.

Strong currents:

Strong currents Sceptics chalk the "mystery" up to the strong currents of the region, the gulf stream forcing a large portion of the Triangle's tides to flow directly north, throwing many sailors off course and out to sea.

Aliens theories:

Aliens theories Aliens are another theory of the Bermuda triangle. Aliens may have abducted the sailors. The aliens took them to experiment on.


ATLANTIS I believe that the Bermuda Triangle Phenomena is caused by the Lost City of Atlantis, sunk thousands of feet below the water's surface. The energy from Crystals that powered it cause the phenomena.

Human error:

Human error The boats might have broken down. Pilots could have crashed into the sea. Someone could have tampered with the components.

What I Think:

What I Think I think that the Bermuda triangle is an active mystery and does exist. I did not know anything about the Bermuda Triangle till I did this topic.

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