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Anna & Caitlin 23/3/2009 ALIENS


Contents What is an alien? Do they exist? Are they smarter than us? Kenneth Arnold A little story Roswell Area 51 U.F.O sightings Pictures Are they watching us right now? Conclusion Sources Quiz Time THE END

What is an alien?:

What is an alien? Dictionary definition: being from another world Someone who is not from the same country as us. EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! We think an alien damaged these wind turbines.

Do they exist???:

Do they exist??? Scientists have tried to prove that they exist but never found any foolproof facts. Some people say that UFOs are just weather balloons. Are they real we say 100% YES others say 100% NO Its quite unfair saying were the only life form in the place we call OUTERSPACE!!!

Are they smarter than us?:

Are they smarter than us? They might have made a space shuttle before us. They made a UFO before we made a plane.

Kenneth Arnold:

Kenneth Arnold Kenneth Arnold spotted a UFO in 1947. This was not the end of the sightings. From what we can gather there was many more to come. A lot of people have reported sightings in Lincolnshire. Some people believe that all of this is just a hoax but we think otherwise. DO YOU??

Picture :

Picture This man Kenneth Arnold is holding a photo of a UFO. He also wrote a report about this.

A little story:

A little story In 1969 NASA shot a rocket to the moon with Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, (Nicknamed BUZZ) in it. Shortly after they landed on the moon they saw aliens. NASA asked what was there and they answered ‘baby aliens that are enormous.’ There was also other space crafts that did not belong to them lined up along the edge of the moon. That was not the end of the story. The aliens were watching their every move. Info according to book 4 of strange but true stories.

Roswell area 51:

Roswell area 51 There was an alien that crashed in a forbidden area near Roswell in New Mexico, America. He crashed in July 1947. This area is called area 51 Army Camp. You are not allowed to enter this place or fly over it. This was not the first alien to be seen.

UFO sightings:

UFO sightings There have been many sightings of UFOs This photo is taken in New Jersey in 1952 and taken by a man called David Burgers.


Pictures .

Are they watching us right now?:

Are they watching us right now? NO They might be out there but NOT watching us. We think that they don’t find us very interesting to watch. We don’t watch them, do we, they are too far away.


We loved doing our topic on Aliens especially Roswell. This topic ROCKED!!!!!!!!! We are real alien believers and hope we have convinced you too. We have always believed in aliens and still do, but even more after doing this topic! Conclusion

PowerPoint Presentation:

Our sources were: Book (Children’s Britannica) And Television Sources

Quiz Time :

Quiz Time Q1: When did the alien crash near Roswell? A1:July 1947 Q2:When did Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin first catch a glimpse of aliens? A2:1969 when they were on the moon Q3:Who else spotted an alien apart from Roswell in 1947? A3:Kenneth Arnold


S Thanks for watching our slide show and REMEMBER they might not be real. BYE THANK YOU