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Existence of Ghosts:

Existence of Ghosts By Lily and Isobel Wooooh !


Contents Feelings when ghosts are around… Fun ghost facts … Ghost sightings … Evidence for ghosts not existing … Evidence for ghosts existing … UK’s most haunted locations … Quiz … Work sited Conclusion …

Feelings when ghosts are around…:

Feelings when ghosts are around… A chill in the air. Low light conditions. Smokey smell. Weird noises e.g. – thumping and whistling. Things getting chucked at you from no-where.

Fun Ghost facts …:

Fun Ghost facts … More people in Britain believe in ghosts than they do in God ! Two in three people believe in ghosts ! Ghosts can smell things and love the smell of lemons. A hooded black smoky figure is a dark entity and you should be careful around them.  They usually appear at the foot of beds. Ghosts tend to be very temperamental . Ghosts do not sleep. Ghosts like to climb up and down stairs at night. Most ghosts can't or won't hurt you. Often, they do not know that they are dead.

Ghost sightings …:

Ghost sightings … The Brown lady Ghostly grip Railway ghost Cemetery ghost baby Spooky ...

PowerPoint Presentation:

Evidence for ghosts not existing …. Scientists say ghosts are just feelings ! After checking out some of the most haunted places in the UK, scientists say that ghosts are probably just draughts, low light and even unusual magnetic fields .

Evidence for Ghosts existing . . . :

Evidence for Ghosts existing . . . I was in the shower and a little boy that died in my Gran’s house before she had lived in it started having a really weird conversation with me saying when and where he died, what his name was and the age of him. We then went to the grave yard and there was his grave saying that he had died from mental problems ! When I saw his grave, that gave me evidence that he was real ! Kyle Stevenson

UK’s most haunted locations…:

UK’s most haunted locations… Hampton Court Palace, England The South Bridge Vaults in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Quiz …:

Quiz … Which of these is a feeling when a ghost is around ? -- Smell of chocolate cake ? -- Cold feeling ? -- Smell of Hugo Boss ? What had the ghost that died in Kyle’s gran’s house died from ? -- Car crash ? -- Murder ? -- Mental Problems ?





Work sited:

Work sited http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/3044607.stm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost http://www.legendsofamerica.com/LA-GhostlyLegends5.html

Conclusion …:

Conclusion … We have both really enjoyed finding out if Ghosts exist and we have found some really amazing facts ! I hope you enjoyed our show !!!