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INTRODUCTION Over the past decade or so, social communication has evolved significantly, turning from simple instant messengers into powerful creatures that are one of the best, most effective ways to promote products and reach vast viewers in today's world. But have you ever wondered whether your website content's social likes, shares, and comments will play a role in improving your ranking positions on Google? This is a burning question that is often asked by Google: "Is social media affecting SEO?” The simple answer is: Social media and optimization of search engines work together in tandem to bring value and relevance to the public.


SOCIAL SIGNALS: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE'S PULSE Social signals are an integrative measure of how people interact on social media platforms with the content of a brand. All acts determining user engagement involve social signals: ratings, likes, posts, shares, votes, pins, links, etc. For search engines, user behavioral indicators, like social signals, are important in assessing the relevance of a site to a search query, with the main idea being that more content is viewed, liked, commented on, the higher its reliability, interest, relevance and, thus, SERP ranking.


SOCIAL SIGNALS INFLUENCE SEO DIRECTLY DRIVE TRAFFIC BACK TO YOUR PAGE FROM SOCIAL PLATFORMS  With more than 4 billion users of social media around the world, there is great potential to drive online traffic to your website, which in turn will boost your Google rankings by spending time on your website, sharing content, and linking to it on other websites, if your content is of high quality. THE NUMBER OF LIKES/  FOLLOW/ SHARES IS A QUALITY INDICATOR When you add to your content a social share widget that shows stats on sharing, you can inspire readers to continue reading or even connect with your copy. And the more the SEO-based content is connected to social media, the more relevant it is for search engines. Positive engagement with the user's behavior can affect SEO.


STRENGTHENING ONLINE SEARCHES WITH POSITIVE LOCAL FEEDBACK FROM YELP AND GOOGLE If you are running a small business or a small-scale service company, include your business in local business lists and get NAP quotes to increase your chances of featuring in organic local searches. Be sure to check that your information is consistent and complete throughout the web for maximum results. Reviews are also an important factor in local SEO marketing and like it by search engines. BOOST YOUR TWEET AUTHORITY TO MENTION YOUR PRODUCT OR WEBSITE LINK Bing says it reflects the number of tweets and retweets that contain a connection, as well as the user's Twitter authority that posted the link. Also, Bing processes more than 24 percent of U.S. searches and looks as a direct ranking factor at social likes and shares. Besides, social links can be considered as backlinks of quality and affect the rank of the page.


GAINING SEARCH ENGINE CRAWLERS IN NEW POSTS WITH LINKS Not only do search bots come to social networks. When Google finds a new social post the crawling efforts will be joined by Yahoo bots, Bing, and a team of social bots. They're not only going to crawl the post themselves, but they're going to dig deep, indexing related posts and links. MAKE SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES MORE VISIBLE IN SERPs Among the first search results people see when they browse the web for information about a company are social accounts, which are more private than corporate websites.


SOCIAL SIGNAL INFLUENCE SEO INDIRECTLY IMPROVING THE COMMITMENT, VISIBILITY, AND LIFESPAN OF CONTENT By helping you promote content, social media can indirectly impact your SEO efforts. You may have loads of amazing content, but digital dust will be gathered forever unless you put it on social channels in front of people. SENSIBILIZATION OF THE BRAND THROUGH SOCIAL PROFILES Social media does a lot for the brand, but for SEO, indirectly, it can also do a lot. Social profiles can help attract potential customers who get to know your brand in turn. Potential customers need to hear about so many times before they decide to buy from you and see your marketing message.


MAKING THE MOST OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN GOOGLE AND TWITTER Not much is known about this partnership agreement or what it means for social media and SEO's future. But we do know that the specific tweets appear in SERPs when you search for a product on Google. SIMPLE SOCIAL INTERACTION CREATE MORE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT If you want to perform marketing research, interview your audience, or otherwise involve your audience–there's no space like social platforms. Everyone and their mother are now creating polls to gather feedback and insights, drive decisions, strengthen connections, and entertain their social media audiences.


CONCLUSION With the increased focus on the quality content of the search engines, social signals service are slowly but surely one way to become a ranking factor officially. As social media platforms keep gaining momentum, more people will turn to social signals to help make purchasing decisions. Remember: Google will eventually recognize it as a value if you give people value. So, by leveraging the power of social media, boost your organic traffic and conversions through search.