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What the electronic keyboard…

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The Harpella will do for the concert harp... Introducing a Breakthrough in Harp Technology The Harpella

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Introducing a Breakthrough in Harp Technology The Harpella The World’s First Photonic Harp Featuring eModulation Bringing together the beauty of an ancient instrument with modern technologies

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Limitations of a Conventional Harp 1. Changing Key is Difficult - limits the music that can be performed 3. Awkward to Transport - limits the places a harpist can play 4. Technically Challenging to Amplify - limits the kind of group the harpist can play in 5. Very Expensive to Purchase - limits the person who can afford to own one 2. Requires Constant Re-tuning and Regular Adjustments - frustrating and costly

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The Harpella 1. Instant Key Change - play music never before possible 3. Easy to Transport - carries like a guitar (expanded range) 4. Simple to Amplify/Beautiful Sound - plug in like an electric guitar – no feedback 5. Cost Effective - many futuristic features at a reasonable price 2. Always in Tune! - digital output always perfectly in tune - No adjusting required

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To find out more about the Harpella please contact us at [email protected] To return to the Harptronics home page use your browser’s back arrow or select the tab with the previous page.