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STATIONS AND STATION YARDS Site selection for railway station Requirements of railway station Classification of stations Station yards Level crossing.

Railway Station :

Railway Station “Is the selected place on a railway line, where trains halt for one or more of the following purposes” For exchange of passengers For exchange of goods For control of train movements For crossing For overtaking For detaching engines and staff For taking diesel or coal and water for locomotives

Site selection for railway station:

Site selection for railway station Land Acquisition Proximity to town or village Nature of land area Approach roads to station Site Station site alignment Site Drainage Station Amenities Type of station and Yard Role of Authorities

Requirements of a Railway Station :

Requirements of a Railway Station Public Requirements Traffic and Police Trains Locomotives Development of railways

Public Requirements :

Public Requirements A booking office for tickets Goods and passenger platforms Drinking water lighting and ventilation Waiting rooms and retiring rooms Sanitary arrangements and bath rooms Refrigerators for cold drinking water City map or guide map Display boards

Traffic Staff and Police Requirements :

Traffic Staff and Police Requirements Staff rooms Retiring rooms Quarters for railway staff

Train Requirements :

Train Requirements Signals Recording of movement of trains Sufficient no of sidings

Locomotive Requirements :

Locomotive Requirements Proper arrangements for supply of fuel and water Arrangements for cleaning, examining, inspecting and maintaining the locomotives

Requirements for development of railways :

Requirements for development of railways Easy and comfortable approach roads to stations Installation of clocks, guide map, separate boards for arrival and departure of trains Availability of coolies on the platforms Escalators, mini theatre , big waiting halls, under ground passages etc.,

Classification of Railway Stations :

Classification of Railway Stations Operational Classification: i) Block Stations ii) Non Block Stations iii) Special Class Stations Functional Classification i) Non- Junction or way side stations ii) Junction Station iii) Terminal Station

Block Station :

Block Station Are made at the ends of block section and are equipped with signals which demarcate the limits of the block sections Is a place on the railway line at which “Permission to approach” and “authority to proceed” are granted

Station Yard :

Station Yard Def: “A system of tracks laid usually on a level within defined limits, for receiving, storing, making up new trains, dispatch of vehicles and for other purposes over which movements are not authorised by a time table”

Types of Yards :

Types of Yards 1. Passenger bogie Yards 2. Goods yards 3. Marshalling Yards 4. Locomotive Yards

Passenger Bogie Yard :

Passenger Bogie Yard Provides facilities for the safe movement of passengers and vehicles for the use of passengers

Goods Yard:

Goods Yard Provides facilities for receiving, loading and un loading, delivery of goods and the movement of goods vehicles

Marshalling Yard :

Marshalling Yard Is one where trains and other loads are received, sorted out and new trains are formed and dispatched onwards to their destinations Functions: Reception Sorting Departure

Sidings for Marshalling Yard:

Sidings for Marshalling Yard Reception siding Sorting siding Departure siding

Types of marshalling Yard :

Types of marshalling Yard Flat Yard Gravitational Yard Hump Yard

Marshalling Yard :

Marshalling Yard

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