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Growth of English Language : 

Growth of English Language

In Universities and Schools : 

In Universities and Schools

English In Fashion : 

English In Fashion

Language of the modern era. : 

Language of the modern era.

English in Professional life : 

English in Professional life

English Brings Confident : 

English Brings Confident

Finally Success : 

Finally Success

English Language Learners : 

English Language Learners Students fail in school for a variety of reasons. English Time management

English Language in 1997 : 

English Language in 1997 In 1997 (the only year for which this data is available), the Office of Civil Rights determined that only 5.5% of LEP students in the U.S. were also receiving special education services. The latest Descriptive Study of Services to LEP Students and LEP Students with Disabilities (OELA, 2003) reported approximately 9.0% of LEP students received special education services in 2001-2002.

Poor English students : 

Poor English students Govt. providing school for poor children for their better future and for a better country

In Present time : 

In Present time Social Workers Govt. help People’s attention Making educated people

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