5 Reasons Epoxy TMT Bars are used in Construction Projects

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5 Reasons Epoxy TMT Bars are used in Construction Projects In the construction sector metal rebar is a necessity for providing structure and stability in concrete forms. Any time you see a road or bridge being built you’ll notice that concrete is poured over a network of metal rebar posts. But did you know that there are different types of rebar for different jobs 1. Extreme Strength: Previously the conventional bars were manufactured through the cold twisting process. However now the TMT bars are manufactured by the top TMT bar manufacturers using a Tempcore technology where they receive intense cooling when they pass through the water cooling system. This process hardens their outer surface and makes them at least 20 stronger than the bars that are manufactured using cold twisting process. 2. High Elongation: Elongation is defined as a bar’s ability to deform before its fracture. If the percentage of elongation is higher the chances of damage to the building are less. High elongation property of TMT bar protects the building from damages during any natural calamity such as an earthquake. This is why TMT bars are preferred for constructing a building and other structures in earthquake prone areas. 3. The Bending Trait: TMT bars can be bent and molded into any shape during a construction project. The bending and re-bending ability of the TMT bars make them the easiest materials to work with. 4. Anti-Corrosion Properties: The way TMT bars are manufactured and the way the raw materials are processed make these bars highly resistant to corrosion. During any construction project the TMT bars are exposed to water for a longer period. The anti-corrosive properties of these bars increase their life. Traditional bars don’t have such anti-corrosive properties and thus they are vulnerable to rusting. This is highly dangerous for the safety of a building. 5. Better Cement Bonding: TMT bars form a strong bond with concrete or cement. The ribs on the surface of the bars that run across the entire length give them superior bonding strength. This provides superior strength to the structure and increases its longevity.

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The use of epoxy-coated rebar is commonplace today for precast concrete applications in bridges and roadways marine applications parking structures concrete repair and structures challenged with corrosion from deicing chemicals continuous moisture exposure and/or salts. Someone famous said there are more than 65000 reinforced concrete bridges with epoxy- coated rebar nationwide. Construction Information Initiative by Hariom Epoxy Shield. Source https://hariomtmt.livejournal.com/362.html epoxyshieldrebar epoxyshielddowelbars manufacturersepoxycoatedrebarmanufacturersinindia epoxycoateddowelbarmanufacturers epoxycoatedrebarmanufacturersinindia dowelbarsmanufacturers dowelbarssuppliersinindia epoxycoatedrebarssuppliersinindia epoxycoatedtmtbars fusionbondedepoxyrebarssuppliersinindia constructionprojects coatedtmtbarsinconstruction