Can Kajabi Aid Generate Membership Web sites

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Can Kajabi Aid Generate Membership Web sites? : 

Can Kajabi Aid Generate Membership Web sites?

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One particular of the features we looked for in an on the web delivery method was flexibility.We have some items which are a "one time" delivery. In other words, they're trainings that someone pays for as soon as and enters in to the Kajabi process to entry the content material. There's no reoccurring billing.Other programs are membership primarily based - meaning they're billed just about every month for continued accessibility.Kajabi Review very easily handles them both with two essential features1. The Drip FeedMakes it possible for people today to enter in to the training technique at different times. This is vital if, rather than an all-at-once launch, you need to continue to market the item on an ongoing basis.If you're utilizing the "module" release, a single individual may be on module 1 although a person else is on module 3.2. Membership LevelsI really like this one particular. The fulfillment side of Kajabi Bonus can look diverse to each consumer primarily based on their membership level.

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Perhaps you sell a Silver plus a Gold package. Right after the consumer has gone by way of your front-end Kajabi funnel procedure, they'll have entry to the suitable details.So, inside the end, whether or not you want a one-time sale or an ongoing membership internet site, Kajabi has got you covered.