What You should Know about Car Detailing & Car Washing

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Cleaning your car is mandatory for the well-being of your vehicle. Know the basic facts about car detailing & washing & choose which one’s the best for you.


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What You should Know about Car Detailing  Car Washing What do you do when your home gets dirty You clean it thoroughly or appoint a professional house cleaner to do the job. Similarly your car also gets dirty depending on how frequently it is used. Apart from being unkempt your car also undergoes various forms of damages that require repair and maintenance from time to time. Car detailing is the process by which your car is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom as well as inside out. The professionals performing car detailing in Cal gary incorporate distinct steps for both interior and exterior detailing procedures. Now that you know what car detailing is let us look at some interesting facts about car detailing: Are car washing and car detailing diferent

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Although the main aim of both car washing and detailing is to get the car clean the two procedures are completely diferent from each other. A car wash is done either by hand or machine to clean just the exterior of the car. It involves the use of basic car washing equipment like scrubber brush cleaning agent soap and water. It takes lesser time than car detailing and the cost is also comparatively low since car washing only includes exterior cleaning. Car wash like the touch free car wash takes 5-10 minutes time where the car undergoes mechanical washing system high speed and pressure along with cleaning agents are all used together to clean the exterior including the wheels. Car or auto detailing is a much comprehensive procedure where both the exterior and interior is cleaned and restored. It takes more time than car washing and most importantly car detailing is not limited to washing and cleaning only auto detailing also includes car polishing rebufng paint touch-ups repairs and waxing. Hence the price that you pay for a car detailing session is worth it in every way How is exterior and interior car detailing done Exterior car detailing :  The vehicle is frst washed with a clear stream of water to remove loose dust and dirt.  Soap and car cleaning agents are applied in the exterior portion and left for some time to soften the mud grease and other stubborn dirt.  The car is washed to remove the cleaning agents soap and of course dirt.  A clay bar is then used to get rid of any leftover dirt from the surfaces of the paint or glass.  A polishing compound is used if there are scratches/ marks on the painted surface or if the car paint looks dull.  Finally the vehicle is given exterior protection by the application of car wax compound. Interior detailing :  Interior detailing begins with vacuuming in which all the loose dirt is sucked up from the various nooks and corners of the car.

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 A quality All-Purpose-Cleaner is used to clean the dashboard doors sideboardsstorage space and seatbelts.  After cleaning a matte-fnish conditioner is used on vinyl surfaces to condition the surface.  If the car has leather seats leather cleaning chemicals are used to clean it after which it is conditioned.  The carpets in the car cleaned by using steam cleaning and carpet cleaning chemicals. After washing the carpet it is completely dried and then again put on the car foor.  The windows are cleaned using a window cleaner that contains no ammonia.  Car interior cleaning comes to an end with a fnal re-vacuuming to get rid of any leftover dirt. What are the other types of car washes Apart from touch free car wash there is the self-serve car wash category which is also called coin car wash. In a coin car wash the car owner inserts a specifc number of coins or tokens to get the car washed. The car is washed inside a covered area with equipment like trigger gun a high-pressure sprayer called wand hence the name wand wash and a scrub-brush. Car owners can choose which chemical agents and cleaning type they want to use by inserting coins. T o know more about car wash and car detailing facts visit https://www.happybays.ca/ Resource is taken from : https://www.happybays.ca/blog/what­you­should­know­a bout­car­detailing­car­washing Happy Bays Car  Dog Wash Emai_Id :     infohappybays.ca  Phone_no. :  403­247­8338 Website : www.happybays.ca

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