7 Reasons Why A Pet Dog Can be Your Best Friend Forever

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Though dog wash is a matter of concern, a pet dog keeps you healthier. They will feel you, love you unconditionally and gradually become your 'best friend'. To know more visit: http://www.happybays.ca/dog-wash.php


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7 Reasons Why A Pet Dog Can be Your Best Friend Forever The canines are unbeatable and they simply make the best pets on four legs. Even if the cat owners and their pets look down on you you the truth. Be it barking for food or welcoming you in the household with every small gesture they express their love. Undoubtedly this cute four legged creature is one of your true-blue supporters for whatever you do. Each of their activities will bring a smile on your face. But some more endearing reasons are there why dogs are considered to be the best pets you can ever have. Science has backed up this fact too. Just read on.

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1. They belong to the ancestors age: Remember the days when the dogs used to protect the campsites. Its nothing wrong if you say that they are evolved to love us. Through the evolution these four legged creatures have transformed into the modern dogs and now have turned into best friends. 2. They are street smart: The inborn features of a dog make them super smart and this is another reason why dogs are trainable. Though the level of intelligence varies from one breed to another the overall reasoning of dogs is unquestionable. They are considered to be one of the most intuitive animals on this earth. From their facial expressions ability to hide various toys in diferent places and fnding things by snifng evidently prove that they are intelligent. 3. They wont like to let you have food alone: None loves to have their lunch alone and your furry pet wont let you do so. Whether its yummy or not your food will be shared. In fact the introverts too hate to have dinner or lunch all alone unless they dislike people to be around. When you have a canine at your place during the dinner time it will sit by your knee start panting on your face and keep roaming all around. The company is irresistibly cute. 4. You are never alone with them: Depending upon a friend to enjoy a movie or go for a yummy lunch may get canceled at last minute. But your pet wont let you sufer from loneliness. It will bark at its leash so that you might agree to go for a walk. Your life is never all yours when you have your pooch. 5. They say Enjoy your life: With the most powerful grey matters in your brain you forget to enjoy your life. Your pup will always remind you this truth and make you aware of your sentient existence. In short they have small things to do in life like eating playing sleeping waking up and repeat. The life a human being consists of numerous duties but it

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doesnt mean that you cant relax. Be confdent about what you do take a deep breathe and plan 6. They will motivate you: No matter which breed your pooch belong to it loves to stay active unless its too old. So even if you like to use your dog as a dishwasher it wont put on extra weight. Indulge in playing with it and both of you will stay ft. Possibly you will end up being healthier 7. They can feel you: Whether your partner understands your feeling or not the pup can feel it from your body language and tone. If you are sad they will keep looking at you and stay closer to you and when you are angry they will keep barking at imaginative objects. Though it takes a lot of time to take care of your pet dog properly they are irreplaceable. Rely upon the professional dog wash services for treating your pet in a safe and secure method. Happy Bays Car Dog wash Email ID: infohappybays.ca Phone No.: 403-247-8338 Visit Us: www.happybays.ca Stay Connected Via: www.facebook.com/calgaryHappybays https://twitter.com/CarWashCalgary