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Hannah Speight is explaining you about the five most Dangerous Sports in World. Hannah Speight advises you to play these games with safety & after proper training.


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Five Most Dangerous Sports in World:

Five Most Dangerous Sports in World By: Hannah Speight

1: Rock climbing:

1 : Rock climbing Hannah Speight In the year 2000 alone there were 24 deaths in the US due to rock climbing mishaps. You should not only climb to the target summit but also have the stamina to get back to the starting point which makes this sport all the more dangerous. Also you may not be in a position to get immediate medical help when you’re 1,000 feet up.

2: Motorcycling:

2 : Motorcycling Hannah Speight The Isle Of Man TT Event is the most dangerous motor race in the world which has cost over 220 casualties in its 100-year history. The race involves riding your bike at ridiculously high speeds and hence is considered one of the most dangerous sports today .

3: Rugby:

3: Rugby Hannah Speight This is one of the most brutal contact sports on the planet. Without any sort of protection the players are really vicious in their tackling. This is the reason why rugby has more injuries per player than any similar sport. In fact, the players are three times more prone to get injured than anyone engaged in martial arts.

4: Bullfighting:

4 : Bullfighting Hannah Speight Also referred to as tauromachy, bull fighting is mainly an activity pursued in Portugal, Spain, Latin America and some cities in southern France. In this violent sport, one or more bulls are killed ritually in a bull ring before the public.

5: Base Jumping:

5 : Base Jumping Hannah Speight Base Jumping can also be a very dangerous sport to take up. You will be fine if your parachute opens up otherwise you are sure to face death. People keen on trying the sport have to basically bet their life on whether a parachute opens properly or not.

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