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Credits survey results:

Credits survey results By Hannah Lord

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Q1) Do you think font can reflect themes in a film? From this pie chart I can tell that 90% of my people thought that font used on credits can help portray the themes in a film. This means that if I choose to use a certain type of font on my credits the audience will understand why. So from this I will look into fonts used in films in a similar genre and take inspiration for my font used.

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Q2) Do you think colour of credits can reflect emotions in a film? From this pie chart I can see that the majority (70%) think that colour of titles can be effective in reflecting emotions, as I also think it would be effective I will attempt to try this when I create my opening sequence. However as 30% thought that they don’t I may just look for one which stands out.

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Q3) Do you think the way credits move can reflect themes in a film? As you can see from the results 80% said that the movement of the credits could be effective in reflecting themes in films. I agree because for example in motor vehicle films the titles should move fast and maybe even make a noise. This effect I would like to try and create in my upcoming opening sequence.

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Q4) Do you think there can be too many credits in an opening sequence? From these results we can see that 70% of people thought there can be too many credits at the beginning of an opening sequence, and so do I because I think that at the beginning the credits should feature the main people involved and maybe some lead actors. This is because otherwise it gets too much and doesn’t leave many for the end credits.

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Q5) do you think if credits are too large they can distract from the footage behind? From these results I can see that 90% of people said that if credits are too large they can distract from the film, I agree with this as they can get in the way. To avoid this I will ensure that they are big enough to read however, not too large so that they take up vital parts of the footage. I will also attempt to position them well so that they don’t cover vital parts, also placed not onto the footage but placed into them, for example on a wall.

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