Indian Handicrafts As A Perfect Souvenir

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Handicrafts are the items made by hands and no machinery involved it is a true artist job and it is somehow vanishing from our market.


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Indian Handicrafts As A Perfect Souvenir Handicrafts are the items made by hands and no machinery involved it is a true artist job and it is somehow vanishing from our market. As we all know how rich is our country in art and how skilled are our artisans. These handicrafts represent our rich culture they are perfect for gifting to your family friends and even having them for yourself is also shows how you are contributing to our culture. So here are some famous ​handicrafts of India ​ .

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1. KATHPUTLI FROM RAJASTHAN: Kathputli is basically wooden puppet dressed in the traditional outfit of Rajasthan which is controlled by strings attached to their arms with the help of the strings the person holding them make them move make them dance on traditional Rajasthani songs or create a drama performance. 2. BAMBOO WORK FROM CHHATTISGARH: Bamboo work is famous in Chhattisgarh. There are tribes who make them and are adding to their culture. These items are very useful and most importantly they are eco-friendly. They make items like a basket supa jhua and many more bamboo products. 3. BLUE POTTERY FROM JAIPUR RAJASTHAN: One more handicraft that Rajasthan is famous for is their blue pottery from Jaipur. This art is very beautiful and eye-catching. They even get exported to different countries from Jaipur it is that famous. Blue pottery basically includes pots plates glass and etc. 4. TERRACOTTA WORK FROM ASSAM:

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Yes apart from tea Assam is famous for its Terracotta work. It is one of the largest sellers of terracotta work in India. They make a beautiful wall hanging which has faces of men and women. They are perfect for gifting as a wall hanging. 5. SEA SELL CRAFT FROM ANDAMAN: Andaman is a producer of very pretty ​sea sells ​crafts they are really very attractive and best buy for women. These items are very beautiful but expensive. They make things of sea sells like bracelets chain earrings etc. They are must buy. 6. JUTTI FROM PUNJAB: Punjab is famous for its rich food and culture. Whenever you think of Punjab a happy colorful picture comes to your mind. So Jutti is footwear they are made up of leather and they are decorated with different colored fabric. Some of the famous juttis are Nagra jutti Punjabi jutti and mojari. 7. KOLHAPURI CHAPPAL FROM MAHARASHTRA: These are the leather chappals made by the craftsmen of Maharashtra. These chappals are very comfortable to wear and they don’t break easily. These chappals are very famous outside of India as well. 8. PASHMINA SHAWLS FROM KASHMIR:

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Pashminas are the one thing every woman wants to own in her life. They have the softest fabric in the world and Kashmir is the producer of these ultimate shawls. These shawls are made up of finest wool and these are a lot expensive to buy. They come in different color and size. 9. PHULKARIS FROM PUNJAB: Phulkaries are embroidery duppatas from the land of Punjab. These are beautiful multi-colored. They come in very different color and have embroidery all over them. These phulkaries are very popular among women every woman who goes Punjab buys them. 10. CARPET FROM UTTAR PRADESH: Uttar Pradesh is famous for its weaving and most importantly carpet weaving. It is the largest carpet weaving of the country. It is the most working weaving hub in South Asia. These carpets are big and very beautiful they are expensive but must buy. Reference: ​

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