History of Wooden hangers- A detailed review


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History of wooden hangers and the benefits, the types of wooden hangers is discussed in an eco-friendly manner


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History of Wooden hangers- A detailed review :

History of Wooden hangers- A detailed review History of wooden hangers and the benefits, the types of wooden hangers is discussed in an eco-friendly manner


History of wooden hangers is not so less, but many. First of all,Hangers play an important role in our day to day life. Today the hangers are available in different colours, sizes and shapes based on the customer requirements. Quality plays a major role and so the hanger dealers made the best quality that can be easily handled by the customers. Companies across the major cities are working in a different style in hangers where style is given importance but at same time quality is maintained. Plastic hangers are used for different purposes in our daily basis. If you expensive clothes in your wardrobe, without the hangers you cannot organize them. A hanger protects your clothes from wrinkles and also helps to retain their freshness for a longer period.


Moreover, wooden Hangers are specially designed for, Hostels, Multi storied Apartments, Houses and Condominiums. Wooden hanger manufactures in Tirupur come in various style and features which is able to suit the requirements of customers. Hangers which are made with good quality are used to keep wardrobe organized and even it can be used for display. Companies are manufacturing special hangers in India which is able to carry the weight of heavy clothes like jeans, coat, trousers and even jackets. Meanwhile, the wooden hangers are made with high coated wood to protect its life. The wooden hangers are of different types based on usage. Consequently,the hand crafted wooden hangers are stunningly beautiful and create a timeless look. With a little smoothing helps to enhance the wood grain as fabulous finish is achieved on soft or hard woods. History of Usage of hangers:


At first wooden hangers was invented in the year 1869 by New Britain’s O.A North, who took inspiration from a coat hook. Until late 19th century hangers was used by rich nobles and royalties as they had more clothes that needed storage. The focus at that time was about hanging Victorian dresses so hangers resembling flying birds known as the Eagle Wing Hangers were popular.


Chiefly, History of wooden hangers begins with Thomas Jefferson, who invented the early wooden coat hanger. Nowadays, hanger manufactures spread around the major cities like Tirupur, Karur, and Coimbatore for their valuable services to the clients. Though, hanger are available at all places the customers should choose for the right quality, not all costly hangers are good and the cheapest one will not be worthy. The wooden coat hanger with wide shoulder hanger is more suitable for hanging suits. High quality beech wood will not easy to be scratched or to be damaged by insects. A round bar with non-skid rubber can hang pants tightly. The high quality and competitive cost hanger will last for a long time. History of wooden coat and its usage

First wooden hanger::

First wooden hanger: However, in 1903 an employee named Albert J. Parkhouse decided that the coat hook needed a firm evolutionary improvement. Especially, he took a small piece of wire and shaped two ovals then twisted them together. He finished the mechanism with a bent hook shape at the top which enabled the hanger to be hung over a bar. This was known to be first design which reflects the common wire coat hanger that we use today. This transformation helps hook design with hanging bar to hang clothes and to be stored together in one place. The hanger dealers use different materials to make hangers.

History of different wooden hangers::

History of different wooden hangers:


For instance, today’s environmentally aware world retailers, garment producers and hanger manufacturers are all seeking to better use the resources available to them. The best wooden hangers eliminates the grating problem completely by evenly distributing weight and keeping heavy winter coats neatly stored and ready to grab and wear the clothes at a moment’s notice.

Multi-Pack of Wooden Hangers That Users Love:

Multi-Pack of Wooden Hangers That Users Love Consequently , the hangers are lightweight but strong, made of solid wood, with notches to hold straps in place and a grooved, plastic cover over the bar to prevent pants from slipping. They also have a swivel hook that can be rotated 360 degrees.

The Wide spread Hangers That Offer Extra Support for Suits & Coats:

The Wide spread Hangers That Offer Extra Support for Suits & Coats


In essence, these hangers are designed with extra wide in order to evenly distribute the weight of heavier suits, winter coats, and other bulky articles of clothing, so they won’t slip off onto the closet floor. They are made up of evergreen wood, which is extra durable and gentle on delicate fabrics, and the bars on the hangers are covered with a thin layer of rubber to prevent slipping .

Set of Hangers with Removable Bars for Hanging Pants and Skirts:

Set of Hangers with Removable Bars for Hanging Pants and Skirts As well as, this set of premium wooden hangers includes removable bars that can fold away, making it easier to drape pairs of pants or skirts over the bar without removing the entire hanger from its spot. The bars also have no-slip coating to keep your clothes in place, while traditional notches prevent tops from falling. The hangers even have 360-degree, gold swivel hooks.

Pack of Truly Multi-Purpose Wooden Hangers:

Pack of Truly Multi-Purpose Wooden Hangers


Similarly, A solid 20-pack, these wooden hangers are super popular and offer just about everything: smooth notches for tops, a non-slip bar for bottoms, and rust-free hooks that rotate 360 degrees. These are very smooth and it will not snag any delicate fabrics. Moreover , there are different wood finishes available: black, natural, retro, and walnut to accent your wardrobe.

Hangers having Pants Clips Lined with Soft Fabric :

Hangers having Pants Clips Lined with Soft Fabric  Likewise, these hangers are perfectly suited to tops and even have notches to hold them in place, but they also have accompanying pants clips. In fact, the clips themselves are lined with a thin layer of metal, so you won’t have to worry about any creasing or wrinkling. Thus , even delicate fabrics are safe to put in between the clips, preventing your pants and skirts from falling.

10-Pack of Hangers Made Just For Pants & Skirts:

10-Pack of Hangers Made Just For Pants & Skirts Besides, these pants hangers helps to organize your pants, skirts, and other bottoms, with durable clips that are lined to prevent creasing and to keep sensitive fabrics safe from damage . Thus , the wooden design keeps the heavy weighted clothes distributed evenly; preventing unusually shaped clothing items from pulling down their hangers. Hanger dealers provide what the customer really wants.


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