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Local Guide : 

Local Guide Esfahan Technical & Vocational Training Organization Hamed Poursharafoddin Summer 2010 1

Resume : 

Resume Graduated in B.A. in English Literature from Esfahan University Summer 2009 Esfahan Technical & Vocational Training Organization: Local Guide, Summer 2009 Ecotourism, Fall 2009 Receptionist, Winter 2009 Reception Manager, Winter 2009 Captain Reception, Spring 2010 Food and Beverage Manager, Spring 2010 Teaching Experiences: Receptionist and Reception Manager English Teacher Ecotourism English Teacher Tour Manager English Teacher English Tutor 2

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First Impression : 

First Impression 4

Tour Guiding Techniques : 

Tour Guiding Techniques Tourist People who leave their homes to temporarily visit a place. They should be spending and not earning money from the place they visit. Reasons can be pleasure, meetings or seminars. With the intention of learning something about the place like its history, people, culture. 5

Basic factors for a successful tourist destination : 

Basic factors for a successful tourist destination Attractions which can be site itself or an event Amenities or facilities like accommodation, food, local, transportation, communication and entertainment at the site Accessibility Peace and order 6

Nature of Tour Reception & Guiding : 

Nature of Tour Reception & Guiding First impression of tourists play a very important role. Receiving tourists is just like receiving guests in your home. Show the best without boasting or overdoing. Guiding is not simply telling them “to your left, to your left”, there’s a lot more into it. 7

Duties and Responsibilities : 

Duties and Responsibilities Provide them information and explanations about the place honestly without prejudice; Ensure a factual presentation, make sure to distinguish the truth stories, legends, traditions; Act fairly and reasonably in all dealings with colleagues and co-workers; Always act with tact and diplomacy in dealing with the guests 8

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9 Never take advantage of the ignorance of the tourists Never allow yourself to be used by unscrupulous organizations who want to take advantage of the tourists Use common sense and be honest by saying “ I don’t know,…I will check,..” Ensure guest’s safety, warn them on: Plants that might cause some allergies Food and drinks that might not suit their digestive system Elevation for those with vertigo and fear of height Dogs that might bite Presence of pickpockets in crowded areas

Slide 10: 

10 Protect the reputation of tourism by making every assignment a treat, with respect to the environment, wildlife, sights & monuments, local customs & traditions Act responsibly as representative of the country and the people

Communication Skills : 

Communication Skills Language proficiency Avoid using highfalutin words, use simple, easy to understand words Try to get rid of regional accent Use synonyms to explain, to describe something Use non-verbal communication in a difficult thing or situation 11

Slide 12: 

12 Speak audibly, not too soft and not too loud Conduct your commentary in a relaxed, entertaining manner (they came here to enjoy, remember)

Guiding Techniques : 

Guiding Techniques Be prepared, study the destination Plan your spiel or commentary, it should be structured Have an update on the local and global news and environmental issues Intercede when necessary in the interaction with the guest and the locals Be aware on the basic human behavior and attitudes 13

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14 Be ready for pertinent and impertinent questions In cases of having more than one guide, find some time to sit down, discuss to synchronize information & learn from each other Never tell your personal life at first meeting

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15 Never sell anything at first meeting unless they ask Be punctual at all times. Be there at least one hour before the tour starts Learn map reading Learn how to say NO to indecent proposals

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16 Always make a head count before, during and after the tour, especially on stops Be practical when making judgment, think if the benefit of the majority Be a good decision maker Learn basic first aid

Tour Guide : 

Tour Guide Do you have a question, Sir? Yes? (if you see a hand raised) Is there something I can help you with? I'll try my best to answer your questions. I'm afraid I don't have the answer to that. (Sorry I don't know.) That's an interesting question. I wish I knew the answer. (Sorry, I don't know.) Hmm.That's a tough (difficult) question. I'll have to look into that further. I'll have to ask someone about that. Hmm. I've never been asked that before. Pardon my English; I don't quite understand your question. I'm not sure, but I can find out for you. 17

Tourist : 

Tourist Where is the ______ from here? How long has _______ been here? Where are we headed (going)now? What time does _______ stay open until? What else is there to do here? Which _________ do you recommend? Are we allowed to take pictures? What's that over there? (tourist points) Where's the best place to buy _______? My son wants to know if _________? (parent asking a question for shy child) Do you know where the nearest washroom is? Could you tell us where the nearest bank is? You don't happen to have a first-aid kit, do you? 18

Sample Conversation : 

Sample Conversation Guide: If you have any questions while we're going along, please don't hesitate to ask. Man: I have a question actually. Guide: Sure, what's that? Man: Where's the best place to have dinner around here? Guide: Well, that's a tough question. There are so many good restaurants. My personal favorite is Setare Hotel. Man: How do we get there? Guide: I'll point it out when we pass it. It's going to come up on your right in a few minutes. Woman: My daughter wants to know if we're going to be passing any bridges today? 19

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20 Guide: Bridges. No I'm afraid all of the bridges are a little far from the Naqshe Jahan Square. We're going to be staying near the Masques today. I can give you a map of the city, though. It shows where all of the bridges are. Man: Sorry, I have another question. Guide: No problem. That's what I'm here for. Man: Are we allowed to take pictures once we get inside the museum? Guide: Oh, I'm glad you asked that. I forgot to mention that taking photographs inside the art gallery and the museum is prohibited. However, you can take pictures of the grounds and the outside of the buildings. The architecture is beautiful. Woman: Oh, and what time will we be stopping for lunch? Guide: We'll break around noon and meet back at the bus at 12:45 sharp.

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Khaju Bridgeپل خواجو : 

Khaju Bridgeپل خواجو Khaju Bridge is one of the most beautiful brides in the world dates from the shah AbbasII. It’s located on eastern axis of Esfahan city and it was built in 1060 A.D. It is a magnificent structure measuring 133 meters long and 12 meters wide and 21 openings. پل خواجو ازجمله زیباترین پلهای تاریخی جهان به شمارمیرود و درعصرشاه عباس دوم صفوی درمحورشرقی اصفهان و به سال 1060 ه.ق. بنا شده است. این بنای با شکوه 133 متر طول و 12 متر عرض و21 دهنه است. 25

Khaju Bridge پل خواجو : 

Khaju Bridge پل خواجو An eight angle palace has been built in middle and both parts of this bridge called “Biglar Beigi” (great palace, the chief’s seat) or alcove. It has included precious architecture and beautiful decorations in witch gilding designs have increased its beauty. دربخش میانی این پل ودردوطرف عمارتی هشت ضلعی بناشده است که بیگلربیگی (عمارت بزرگ و خان خانان) شاه نشین خوانده می شود. ازمعماری ارزشمندوتزیینات زیبایی برخورداربوده وطرح های طلاکاری شده برزیبایی آن افزوده است. 26

Khaju Bridge پل خواجو : 

Khaju Bridge پل خواجو Shah abbas II (the great one) some times took place in this palace with women’s apartment, or officers and foreign guests, or home guests then he watched some ceremonies, such as; different ceremonies of new year or Abpashan celebration ( sprinkling water). شاه عباس دوم برخی اوقات به همراه اهل حرم ویا صاحب منصبان ویامهمانان داخلی وخارجی دراین عمارت مستقر میگردید و اجرای مراسم مختلف نظیرنوروز وجشن آب پاشان رابه تماشا می نشست. 27

Khaju Bridge پل خواجو : 

Khaju Bridge پل خواجو This bridge consists of beautiful light at two sides. It’s considerable to notice that this bridge has been designed in a way used as a dam and various uses. The bridge has had other names, such as: Shahi Bridge, GabrahBridge, Babaroknodin Bridge, and Shiraz Bridge beside Khaju Bridge. این پل دارای مهتابی های زیبایی در دو طرف پل است. شایان ذکر است این پل به گونه ای طراحی شده است که به عنوان سد یا آب بندبرای اهداف ومصارف گوناگون استفاده می شده است. این پل اسامی دیگری نیز دارد همچون : پل شاهی وپل گابراه و پل باباروکن الدین وپل شیراز درکنار پل خواجو. 28

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