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NLE La 2 historic people


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NLE Latin II:

NLE Latin II Historical Characters


Aeneas Fled burning Troy with his father, Anchises , and his son, Ascanius Finally landed in Italy, in Latium Married Lavinia Fought a war and killed Turnus

Romulus and Remus:

Romulus and Remus Palatine hill – 12 vultures Aventine hill – 6 vultures Remus killed Romulus 1 st of 7 kings

Brutus and Collatinus:

Brutus and Collatinus Lucretia raped by Sextus , son of Tarquinius Superbus , committed suicide Tarquinius Superbus , 7 th king ousted – end of Monarchy Republic begins 509 b.c . Lucretia’s husband, Collatinus , and his friend Brutus become First 2 consuls of Republic


Hannibal 2 nd Punic War Brought elephants across Alps


Sparticus Broke out of gladiator barracks near Capua – 73 b.c . – killed in 71 b.c . Crassus and Pompey 6,000 crucified along Appian Way

Julius Caesar:

Julius Caesar Conquered Gaul Killed by his fellow senators led by Brutus and Cassius

Brutus and Cassius:

Brutus and Cassius Assassinated Julius Caesar on the Ides of March, 44 b.c . Brutus


Cleopatra Queen of Egypt Bore Caesar’s son Caesarion Bore 3 children with Marc Antony After losing Battle of Actium in 31 b.c ., Antony committed suicide; Cleopatra followed suit with an asp

Marc Antony:

Marc Antony Supporter of Julius Caesar Delivered the eulogy at Caesar’s funeral Member of 2 nd triumvirate with Octavian (Augustus) and Lepidus After breakup of triumvirate, was defeated by Octavian at battle of Actium off coast of Greece Retreated to Egypt and committed suicide followed by his lover Cleopatra


Cicero and Antony because he had delivered 14 speeches against Antony. His head and hands were hung on the rostra in the Forum where Antony’s wife pierced his tongue with a pin.

Augustus – 63 b.c. to 14 .a.d.:

Augustus – 63 b.c . to 14 .a.d. Wife, Livia , Killed all of Augustus’ heirs who stood in the way of her son, Tiberius Poisoned her husband’s figs on his tree Grand-nephew of Caesar Named as Caesar’s heir in his will 2 nd triumvirate with Antony and Lepidus Defeated Antony at battle of Actium 1 st emperor Initiated era of peace known as Pax Romana Res Gestae , his autobiography Month of Sextilis was changed to August


Tiberius 2 nd Emperor Son of Livia by her first husband Lived on Isle of Capri Let Sejanus, commander of the Praetorian Guard rule in Rome Smothered with a pillow at age 77 by Caligula and the head of the Praetorian Guard Capri Villa Iovis


Nero Killed his mother Agrippina Performed in the theater Played an opera on the burning of Troy while Rome burned in 64 a.d . Built the Domus Aurea


Vespasian Flavian Dynasty with his sons Titus and Domitian Began construction of the Colosseum ( Amphitheatrum Flavianum ) Died a natural death in his bed


Trajan Trajan’s Forum Market and Column 2 nd of the 5 Good Emperors Conquered Dacia allowing Rome to reach its greatest extent


Constantine Defeated rival Maxentius at the Mulvian Bridge to become emperor Issued Edict of Milan ending martyrdom of Christians Saw a sign in the sky “In hoc signo , vinces ” Built Constantinople on site of Byzantium


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