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National Latin Exam Latin 1 expressions part 3


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Latin in Use:

Latin in Use Expressions Part III

Errare humanum est:

Errare humanum est To err is human

Carpe diem:

Carpe diem Seize the day = make use of every opportunity Horace

Cave canem:

Cave canem Beware of the dog

Cum grano salis:

Cum grano salis With a grain of salt = don’t pay much attention to it

Veni, vidi, vici:

Veni , vidi , vici I came, I saw, I conquered Message sent to Roman senate after victory over Pharnaces at Zela in Pontus

Summa cum Laude:

Summa cum Laude With much praise – on a diploma

Per annum:

Per annum For the year

Pro Bono:

Pro Bono For the public good = an attorney provided if one cannot afford one

Sine die:

Sine die Without a day = the adjournment of a meeting without setting the date for the next meeting

Dum spiro, spero:

Dum spiro , spero While I breathe, I hope Cicero Motto of South Carolina

Montani semper liberi:

Montani semper liberi Mountaineers are always free Motto of West Virginia

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