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National Latin Exam Latin 1 expressions part 1


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Latin in Use:

Latin in Use Expressions Part I

SPQR Senatus Populusque Romanus :

SPQR Senatus Populusque Romanus The senate and the Roman People

N.B. Nota Bene:

N.B. Nota Bene Note well Nota Bene note pads

i.e. id est:

i.e. id est that is

e.g. exempli gratia:

e.g. exempli gratia For example Sea creatures

Etc. et cetera:

Etc. et cetera And other things

A.D. anno domini:

A.D. anno domini In the year of our Lord – starts with birth of Christ

Et al. et alii:

Et al. et alii And others

a.m. ante meridiem:

a.m. ante meridiem Before noon

p.m. post meridiem:

p.m. post meridiem After noon

Ab ovo usque ad mala:

Ab ovo usque ad mala From the egg to the apples

Ad infinitum :

Ad infinitum To infinity = without end

Ad aeternum:

Ad aeternum To infinity = without end

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