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Why need of Children dentistry Baby teeth are no fewer significant than lasting teeth. Most parents tend to focus on permanent teeth. Because they think that permanent teeth will be with my children for life. Therefore overlooked the importance of baby teeth has many important features such as helping to chew food allowing children to receive complete nutrition. Helping children with beautiful smiles. Helping the correct pronunciation is important. The important thing is the babys teeth help each other to make the permanent teeth that get right and beautiful. What is a baby tooth Every newborn child has no teeth to see in the mouth so many people believe that the teeth are organs that occur after the child is born. Baby teeth begin to develop at the age of 6 weeks of gestation which occurs at a time when the babys body is developing with other organs. By merging the tissue into a small button called "tooth shoots" within the area that will grow into 10 upper jaw bones and 10 upper jaws. When did the baby teeth begin Children aged about 6 months. The first teeth will generally begin at the same time 2 teeth are the lower front teeth that are in the middle of the lower jaw. There are some children whose teeth may grow faster or later. The teeth will gradually come up. Why decayed teeth are easier than permanent teeth Decayed baby teeth easier than permanent teeth. Because there is some enamel and contains calcium phosphate minerals as a component less than permanent teeth and is one of the reasons that the decay of decayed baby teeth has spread rapidly into the tooth cavity. Also young children often eat food from sucking bottles. Make teeth stay immersed in food for a long time. If the food contains sugar it will make the tooth decay easier and most young children brush their teeth. And the brush is not clean. Therefore it is a common

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factor for children. There is 20 easy tooth decay when the child is 2 - 3 years old. Each tooth has a different age. How does tooth decay affect children Tooth decay is a deep hole that will cause a toothache. Cant chew food Children do not want to eat the main meal. The cavities will accumulate food residues. It is a good food source of germs. The pathogen in the tooth hole is increasing. Many germs can spread to different parts of the body. Causing inflammation by various organs that are most common is facial swelling And under the chin some children may have an inflamed throat sinusitis or sometimes the infection passes through the bloodstream causing serious illnesses such as heart infections The child cannot eat normally may cause insufficient food intake. Which will affect the growth and development of children How does the childs tooth decay Cavities in the initial stages will find that the enamel has a white opaque side not shiny like normal enamel. When the decay spread to the dentin The opaque white will turn into a brown hole. This period is considered tooth

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decay. Decay in this period the child will not have pain. But if letting it spread to a deep hole in a black cavity to the tooth cavity the child will have a toothache with occasional pain disappearing causing the child to suffer for a long time. Oral and dental care in each age range When the tooth is not yet up: During this period the child will eat only milk. The child in the tongue is white do not worry because he will be able to heal himself at this time. Wipe the tongue gums cheek bulge twice a day morning- evening. Teeth or gum up just after 6 months children and supplement: the used toothbrush to clean teeth is not easy because the toothbrush is too large. Use a clean cloth moistened with boiled water to cool and then wipe the gums tongue cheek bulge twice a day morning-evening. When more than half of the teeth are raised: during this time brush their teeth. By choosing nylon toothbrush that is suitable for the childs mouth soft straight cut Round bristles has a comfortable grip and more importantly choose to use fluoride toothpaste for children. By using the quantity that is suitable for the age range as follows: Children aged 6 months - 1 year and a half the amount of toothpaste touch the brush is moist enough. ✓ Age of children 1 year and a half - 3 years the amount of toothpaste as green beans ✓ Age of children 3 years - 6 years the amount of toothpaste as corn seeds ✓ Age of children 6 years and over the amount of toothpaste half a centimetre. How does fluoride prevent tooth decay Fluoride with help of Children dentistry helps prevent tooth decay in 3 ways: ✓ Strengthening the teeth crystals to become stronger and more resistant to decay. Both in the pre-tooth phase while developing the structure and the length of the teeth in the mouth ✓ Fluoride helps stimulate the return of minerals. Inhibit the loss of minerals from the enamel

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✓ Fluoride also inhibits the digestion of food from microorganisms that cause tooth decay. ✓ Fluoride that dentists use to prevent tooth decay is ✓ Fluoride gel is suitable for children aged 6 years and over. It can prevent tooth decay in permanent teeth by about 28 and in primary teeth about 20. Fluoride gel coating procedure: The dentist will brush your teeth or clean your teeth. Choose the size of the fluoride tray to match the number of teeth teeth of the child. Put fluoride gel into the fluoride tray. And then take the top and bottom teeth. Let the child bite for 4 minutes while fluoride coating must have a saliva suction all the time. To prevent swallowing excess fluoride gel Practices for healthy teeth When the decayed tooth problems is a big problem and can affect the growth of children unexpectedly so if parents do not want the baby teeth of decay. Must always pay attention to the cleanliness of the childs mouth and do the following with help of Children dentistry: ▪ Train babies to go to bed without the habit of feeding bottles. ▪ Prevent children from holding bottles for walking. Or letting the child bite the bottle or fall asleep while having a bottle of milk ▪ Teaching children to use a glass of water instead of a bottle of milk from the age of 6-12 months and should stop using bottles since the age of over 1 year. ▪ Practice the habit of not eating children fussy Sweet food because of the cause of tooth decay should provide useful food and eat for a time ▪ Wash your mouth after drinking milk eat snacks after eating every time. ▪ Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste 2 times a day morning and evening. ▪ Teach you how to clean your mouth and brush your teeth properly. About the Company:

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Take your child to see the Hadfield Dental Group dentist. To check teeth regularly every 6 months to receive the knowledge and guidelines for oral health care correctly. Contact Details : Business Name: Hadfield Dental Group Website:https://hadfielddentalgroup.com/ Email: adminhadfielddentalgroup.com Phone : 03 9306 7228 Address : 15 Geum St Hadfield VIC 3046 Australia