Importance of Inculcating Different Skills to Children at Young Age

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Hackberry has programs of coding for kids, that help to build their interest in the subject in a fun and interesting way.


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Importance of Inculcating Different Skills to Children at Young Age


Coding is a skill essential for anybody wanting to get into the technical, especially computer field later in their lives. While most people treat is as a necessity for livelihood and not really as a hobby or an activity that can get your grey cells thinking, it slowly is gaining popularity amongst the younger generation. The generation has started to realise that teaching kids to code from a young age, will have a lot of advantages in future. Coding- Essential Skill for All


Coding for children at a very young age, as young as 3 to 4 years, is not about giving them a computer to handle and write codes that run into several pages. Coding at this stage is taught through games and fun activities, where children learn as they do. The games could be individual or in group as a team. They are taught various coding terminologies through placards, videos and building their own toys. Teaching Coding to Younger Kids


There are many institutes that have taken up the responsibility of teaching kids to code . There are more and more parents opting for it. Usually, there is a trial class conducted by the institution, following which, interested guardians can sign their children up. Children also learn to think quick and think smart when they learn to code. It enhances their problem-solving skills and gives them an edge over their peers in later life with organised thinking. What Magic Coding Does

Slide5: Honing Entrepreneur Skills Along with coding, entrepreneurship courses for kids are also catching attention of parents. Coding might not be something that interests everyone. They can try entrepreneurship instead. In teaching entrepreneurship to kids, they are taught from basics of coming up with an idea that is innovative, raising capital and pitching it to the investors. This course turns them into a kidpreneur at the end of it.

Slide6: Kidpreneur To Entrepreneur Other than the above-mentioned qualities, kids even inculcate ability to think on their toes, sell their idea, importance of having capital in hand, risk taking, generates confidence and leadership skills, taking decisions that will be for the betterment of business, importance of building relations and having solid man power. As kidpreneurs a sneak peek into the working of current financial world and the responsibilities that will be bestowed on them as entrepreneurs.


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