How Will Teaching Kids to Code at A Young Age Help

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Hackberry has programs of coding for kids, that help to build their interest in the subject in a fun and interesting way.


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slide 1: How Will Teaching Kids to Code at A Young Age Help Being on top of their game all the time is one of the most essential things for kids today. Although this seems like a lot of pressure to be put on the little minds but if the nudge is being given in the right direction then the kids will very happily pursue whatever they are doing. Also it is necessary to understand that the early learning centre that you choose for your child is well equipped and has all the necessary material and staff to provide them with that school. Two programmes that are gaining importance slowly are coding and entrepreneurship. But coding we do not mean directly sitting on a computer and writing many pages of codes. Coding when taught at earlier stages is usually couples with games and puzzles that teach children to use their mind and explore various solutions to a particular problem. For this the coding classes for kids should be chosen wisely. A good coding class will teach it to children in stages. Making robots building programs is one of the early things that they learn in their classes. Let’s look at some advantages that the children will have on joining a coding class. 1. Children develop exceptional problem-solving skills With coding children learn to break a big problem into smaller ones and address them one by one. This problem solving is not limited to just coding but can be used in any filed ahead in their life. It could be used in engineering and car mechanics diagnosis. It is also used by scientists while performing or confirming any kind of hypothesis. In programming kid learn o spot any kinds of bugs that are making it difficult for the program to learn and hence fix them. 2. Logical thinking When it comes to kids programming language i.e. coding it needs a lot of logical thinking. When logical thinking is made a part of their learning and lifestyle since very young age their problem-solving skills by using logic comes into use as and when they grow up. Logical thinking is necessary when dealing with complex problems numbers and so on. With logic thinking tacking the most difficult of problems also become simple. 3. Provides a canvas for exploration Coding skills develops a zeal and curiosity within kids to explore and experiment through different programs and functions. With coding as a skill in their skillset children are encouraged to make discoveries of their own and also correct any kind of errors that they might face. 4. Coding prepares kids for skills necessary for future

slide 2: We all know about the growing importance of technology and the rapidness that the technology is spreading with. This is going to need a lot of coding minds and skills. It is expected that this job of writing programs will never see the sun setting on them and it is going to require companies to hire people with the best coding knowledge and skills.

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