The Perfect Education For The Next Generation

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Hackberry brings you unique educational programs for kids. An early learning centre that aims to facilitate overall development & bring fun to learning.


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The Perfect Education For The Next Generation


Education has evolved drastically in the last decade. With more research directed towards the right way to raise kids so as to have them grow up into adults who are smarter and healthier, early learning centre are popping up in urban cities every year. Evolution Of Education


There was a time when parents were the primary source of education for kids. This was followed by a time when the responsibility of conducting the right education fell on the shoulders of schools. Now, we are back at a time when parents need to play a more important role to ensure that their kids are picking up the right skills. Limited Role Of Schools


Kids can learn how to write simple code and make softwares which have simple uses. Coding, for kids , is becoming one of the hottest subjects in schools and education centres. Parents insist that their kids learn it in order to ensure that they are ready for the tech-oriented world they will grow up to be in. Learning Coding

Slide5: Robotics & STEM For Kids While sports and arts are extremely important, truth of the matter is that understanding robotics and STEM subjects has to be compulsory part of children’s education. Contradictory to the popular belief, it is NOT more difficult for kids with learning difficulties to learn this.

Slide6: Overall Education Programming for kids , e-gaming for kids, special 3-D art lessons, etc might feel overly complicated subjects to some parents, and definitely ones that are a little heavier on the pocket. But these are going to be an important part of their children’s overall education.


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