How To Teach Coding To Your Kids

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Hackberry believes in early childhood education. We aim to provide all the necessary skills set that our student entrepreneurs would carry with them for life.


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slide 1: How To Teach Coding To Your Kids Most urban schools have introduced coding for kids across middle school. Some are even encouraging it amongst primary school claiming that the sooner they start learning the basics of the subject the faster they get a grip on it. If your child’s school hasn’t introduced this extremely essential skill you can do it on their behalf at home. There are a lot of offline games that are available on various e-commerce websites. These games come with basic instructions on how a parent can engage their children to solve puzzles etc and introduce them to coding in the simplest of manners. It is not as difficult as it sounds nor is it very expensive. For a one-time investment in a single game your child can learn this indispensable game at a very early point in their life from the comfort of home after school hours. Some parents deny the importance of programming for kids and insist that they should instead spend more time learning life-essential skills like cooking or spend time on the playgrounds being more athletic. While there is merit in teaching other things to children we shouldn’t forget that kids are very dynamic and have a lot of mental bandwidth. Hence as far as the kids are able to keep up with things they should be allowed to explore as many activities as possible. Unlike the popular belief learning coding is not blindly sitting in front of a device and writing long lines of code. At least that’s not true for kids It involves solving puzzles and games and learning logic and problem-solving. While teaching coding to kids at home make sure that you steer clear of the keyboard and mouse. Let your kids make any mistakes they are making and tell them how to solve them instead of jumping in and correcting them yourself. Have some faith in them and allow them to understand where they are going wrong by getting them to come to conclusion themselves rather than being critical of their work. Another good idea is to help them explore coding by trying to build simple video games. Kids love video games and the idea of coding something they revere so much is likely to excite them a lot Also if this is the route you are taking with them make sure that they understand that putting together something substantial requires an entire team and it won’t be possible for the kids to do it at their stage. Have them understand that their job is to simply understand how these games are build and try their hand at these basic concepts.

slide 2: Don’t keep very high expectations of your child and make sure they understand that making mistakes is completely acceptable. One should also not forget that kids’ programming languages are quite simple and also help them to improve their cognitive abilities. They become fast readers and fast learners by practicing coding. They also develop better understanding of the core STEM subjects and this has a positive spillover effect on their academics as well.

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