Help Your Kids Strive In This Competitive World

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Hackberry believes in early childhood education. We aim to provide all the necessary skills set that our student entrepreneurs would carry with them for life.


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slide 1: Help Your Kids Strive In This Competitive World While too much competition may put unnecessary pressure on kids healthy competition is a significant part of an early childhood education. There are 2 types of parents - those who think their kids can do no wrong and the ones who constantly keep inspiring their kids and encouraging them to do better in every aspect. While one might be tempted to do the former because of all the love we have for our kids the right thing to do is to be the latter in your kids’ lives. Let’s talk about what motivates children. Kids tend to come to hate the textbook syllabus that their school forces them to follow. It is much easier to engage them and motivate them through stuff like games puzzles etc. The more fun they have the more they enjoy Hence make sure that you keep the textual content of anything you are teaching them for posterity. In case to inspire them try to have them do things that are more interesting for them. Problem-solving is one of the most important skills that anybody can develop children or adults. In order to develop this extremely essential skill amongst kids have them play with simple games that allow them to develop their creativity: be it simple wooden blocks or a lego set. Let them think out of the box and appreciate anything creative they come up with whether it is good or not. If they develop problem-solving skills good enough you never know they might even become student entrepreneurs and become rapidly successful even before they leave school Let’s take a moment and think about the role of schooling in allowing your kids to become the best version of themselves. Some schools are STEM enabled and also offer entrepreneurship courses and that is great. But it is difficult to find such schools everywhere. The best thing is to find schools which fit within your budget and then keep some money aside to enroll your kids in such courses outside their school at separate education centres. Besides helping you install the necessary skills in kids these centres also provide a new place where you kids have exposure thereby allowing them to get out of their echo chambers and learn something new as well. This goes a long way in ensuring that your kids become smarter and more progressive than their counterparts.

slide 2: The young entrepreneurs program is another way to make sure that your child at least attempts to learn how to become a business owner. It is a long shot but if entrepreneurship strikes your child’s fancy there will be nothing like it So go ahead and try to expose your children to as many new skills and courses as possible to give them an education that is full of a promising future. And always remember - you will never regret spending anything on your child. After all they are the future of this country

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