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Hackberry has programs of coding for kids, that help to build their interest in the subject in a fun and interesting way.


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slide 1: Increasing Significance of Learning How To Code Are you keen on understanding the concept of computer programming for kids Before doing that let’s first try to delve deeper into the power of coding and the impact it has on our lives. Code or programming script is the building blocks of every software application or website. It is the foundation on which we build our entire digital presence. And while it isn’t apparent to the end-user good coding is what distinguishes a good app from a bad one a popular famous software from one that nobody uses. In other words when it comes to software coding is what can make all the difference between good bad and unusable. Computer coding for kids is an extremely relevant concept since we are living in times where we need softwares for pretty much everything. Because of high-speed mobile Internet we have come to rely on softwares and websites for everything including entertainment banking shopping travel and more. Additionally the digitization of a number of processes aided by government initiatives has helped us turn into a digital-first nation. For a long time many companies had the luxury of avoiding a digital presence altogether. This is no longer the case. While there was a time when a regular website with functional features was more than enough for most people now every product needs to have an e-store customer support and more embedded into their digital persona. As a result whether you are an entrepreneur employee or coder coding is extremely relevant to businesses across the board. Along with this realization came the thought-out why do we wait till college or high schools to teach our kids about coding Computer coding for kids as a course makes sense now more than ever because these days kids naturally have a knack for everything related to technology. While we had to learn the basics of computing in school kids have a strong functional knowledge of the concepts of computing. In order to truly keep them engaged it is important to build on this and give them something they can truly dig their teeth into. This resulted in the development of a kids programming language. The idea was to empower kids to create their own softwares from an early age. That’s the reason why programming for kids focused heavily on the practical application of coding. Once the basic theory is explained to the kids they are pushed to experiment and craft their own softwares apps and websites. While this might sound like an impossible concept and one that is impossible to implement the reality is that kids take to it likes ants to a cake and produce some exceptional softwares. A quick google search would show you that what we’re saying is true

slide 2: If your child studies at a school which considers it important to teach kids more about technology chances are they are already being taught a kids programming language. If not there are a number of independent institutions out there that offer computer coding for kids as an additional extra-curricular course. What’s more most of these courses are fairly flexible and structured in a way where they don’t interfere with your child’s school schedule homework or other schoolwork. Look for one that fits your budget and is near your house as well and open the wonderful world of technology for you

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