Does A School Affect Your Childs Ambitions

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Does A School Affect Your Child’s Ambitions?


The young entrepreneurs program would opine that an ambitious child is one that wants to set up his or her own business and shows the spark to do so from an early age. He or she has a knack for solving problems and identifying or inventing products which can be monetised. What Defines An Ambitious Child?


That’s debatable: some people say that one must have it in his or her genes, while others believe that with the right kind of education and exposure, and a certain level of intellect, anybody can become an entrepreneur. Is Entrepreneurship Inbuilt?


Simply put, student entrepreneurs are the ones who are still studying, but manage to open up a profitable business on the side. It can be a tech based or a regular product, or a service. The idea is to have something valuable worth selling and sell it without making a loss. What Are Student Entrepreneurs?

Slide5: When Is It Too Early? Never. 10-year-old Ryan Kelly appeared on the reality show Shark Tank and managed to sell 25% of his business to Barbara Corcoran for $25,000. There is never, ever an excuse for doing something later.

Slide6: How Does Schooling Come Into The Picture? While it is true that even the best schools in Mumbai can’t magically make someone a phenomenally successful businessperson, it is true that exposure and good education are certainly tools that go a long way in helping someone succeed. So, at the end of the day, it is your decision!


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