The Art Of Raising A Child

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If you want your 4-15-year olds to learn coding and entrepreneurship skills, get their names registered for Hackberry's fun coding classes for kids.


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The Art of Raising A Child


Overparenting is one of the most prevalent problems in today’s day and time. From forcing them to go for computer courses for kids to accompanying them at every hobby class, there is no end to this problem. Introduction


Many parents feel that their children’s success will be a direct result of what and how much control they have over the kids, thereby making them more and more dependent and weak. As a parent, you are expected to be able to differentiate between encouraging your kids by supporting them, and smothering them with your love and care. Important of Independence


This generation is very smart, just like every succeeding generation is. They know what they want, they already know if they are going to be the student entrepreneurs the world worships, and they know if they are going to end up taking a minimum wage job. Given their abundant self-awareness, it is up to parents to try to talk and understand the kids better. Self-Knowledge

Slide5: Failing Gracefully This, perhaps, is one of the most important lessons to teach your child. Failing gracefully is difficult: so difficult that the process of learning it has to start in childhood, because it only becomes more difficult to learn it during adulthood. And, more importantly, it is inevitable.

Slide6: Exploring New Interests Whether it is coding classes for kids , or learning how to belly dance, let your child explore their own interests and become their own persons. It is a different thing to try and protect them from what are obviously wrong decisions, and to keep them totally restricted and within the confines of your wishes.


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