20 Best Sites To Make Money On Twitter-Earn With Twitter Account

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20 Best Sites To Make Money On Twitter- Earn With Twitter Account 20 Best Sites To Make Money On Twitter-Earn With Twitter Account Twitter is one of the best and famous social networks. Social media networking sites were only for the purpose of social contacts. But these days we are forced to monetize our social profile and twitter is amongst them.Companies are using these platforms to market their products and brands to increase their income. READ MORE ABOUT MAKE MONEY WITH INSTAGRAM If you have some active followers on Twitter then you can earn some bucks through affiliate marketing sponsored posts etc…today we will discuss 20 best sites to make money on twitter. so let us start our topic. 20 best sites to make money on twitter

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1.AD.LY: This is one of the best sites to earn money using twitter.If you have an account with some active followers then you can join this site.ad.ly will send you an ad on behalf you any brand. You have to send that ad to your followers to earn money.Every add will be approved by you before it is sent.Every ad is disclosed as an ad to your audience. You can withdraw your amount through Paypal or check when it reaches 50. 2.TWITTAD: This is one of the first sponsored tweet networks.You can join this site to make money with your twitter account.Payment method is Paypal.Minimum payout is 30. 3.ADCAUSE: Here you can also monetize your twitter account to get some money.Advertisers will give you ads.You have to share those ads on your twitter account. The more active followers you have the more you can earn money with adcause.You can choose ads to tweet.Minimum payout is 50.Payment method is Paypal. 4.PAYMETWEETS: This is also one of the best platforms through which one can earn money by using twitter account.You just have to put ads on your account.Minimum withdrawal is 25.Payment methods are Paypal and check. 5.REVTWT: It is one of the largest platforms to make money with the social account.You can join free.But you must have lots of targeted followers to get ads from Revtwt.Minimum payout is 20 for PayPal.100 for the check. READ MORE ABOUT PAID SURVEY SITES

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6.SPONSERD TWEETS: This is also a legit site to monetize your social media account.Here you can make money by tweeting sponsored posts. You can your price here.The high price means few ads.So make prices as low as you can. By doing this you will get many ads from advertisers.Minimum payout is 20 for PayPal and 100 for the check. 7.TWITPUB: This is just another site to get money.It is different from other sites in the way that you have to make your account private. You will be paid for quality contents/tweets.Minimum payout is 25 PayPal50 check. 8.MYLIKES: Here you can create sponsored likes for advertisers that you like.Then you have to post them on twitter. When someone will click your sponsored link.You will be paid.More relevant likes will give you more money.Payment method is PayPal. 9.ASSETIZE: This is one of the best twitter monetize networks for publishers and application developers. One can make money by monetizing their tweets.Payment method is PayPal.Minimum withdrawal is 10. 10.PAYDOTCOM: This is one of the 20 best sites to make money on twitter.This is an affiliation site.You can register here for affiliation.You will be given an affiliate link or product.You have to tweet that link.

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When someone will buy the products.You will be paid.If you have active followers then you can earn lots of money from this site.Payment method is PayPal. 11.BETWEETED: This is the best platform for those people which know about their followers.You can select a link which is related to your followers. When your followers will click on that or retweet your link.You will be paid.Payment option is PayPal. 12.TWIVERT: This is also one of the genuine sites where you can monetize your account.You will get some amount of money when your followers will click on ads. You can use auto-tweet to increase your dollars.Minimum payout is 30 through PayPal. 13.TWTMOB: This site provides you lots of options to select from.You can tweet music videos movie trailers comedy scenes etc to your followers.Payment option is Paypal.Minimum payout is 50. 14.MAGPIE: This is one of the highest paying sites for tweets.You can earn 200 if you have 1000 active followers on Twitter.You will be given sponsored links. You have to tweet them.When your earning will reach 50.You can claim your payment with your Paypal account. 15.TWEETBUCKS: If you have a blog or website.Then you can earn money by using this site.Here you can shorten your blogs or articles link.You can post that link to twitter.

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When your followers will click on your shorten link you will be paid.Minimum payout is 25 through Paypal. 16.KWERDO.COM: This is also one of the 20 best sites to make money on twitter.You can sign up here for free.You can select many campaigns from the list. You will be given a shortened link to promote on your twitter account.When someone will click you will get some amount of money.Payment method is Paypal. 17.BUKISA.COM: If you are a writer this is for you.Here you can write an interesting article.And then makes money off the advertisements in the side columns. When your followers will click on your link you will be paid. 18.ADJIX: Here you can earn by shortening your ling URL link.you have to post your shorten link to your twitter account.Clicks on ads from followers will make some money for you.Payment option is PayPal. 19.LINKBEE: This is also a URL shortening service.You can shorten your long link of blogs or website and post to your twitter account. You can select from three options Inferential banner ad and no advertisement.Minimum payout is 15.Payment method is Paypal. 20.GROUPON : This is one of the most trusted sites for affiliates.Here you can register as an affiliator.You will get the 10 commission on every sale through your link.

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You can tweet your link.If you have many followers than you can earn lots of money from this website. READ MORE ABOUT MAKE MONEY WITH URL SHORTENER SITES These are through which you can use your social account to make money.Hope you like this article. If you like share it with your friends.If you have any question or suggestion.You may ask in comment box.

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