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Primayer technology for network management and leakage control PrimeFlo-T is a hand-held correlation transit- time ultrasonic flowmeter utilising dual DSP technology. For use in clean and waste water applications it is easy to install providing a cost effective solution for network flow-survey applications. Benefits • Operation on pipe sizes from 25 – 2500mm one pair of sensors • Non-invasive providing - no flow disturbance - no pressure loss - no process interruption - no water contact • Survey application - 24 hour battery life • Easy set-up and installation • Integral data logger Features • Lightweight and easy to use for survey applications • Real-time display of bi-directional flow-rate and total flow • Accuracy for mean flow velocity to ±0.5 of measured value • Repeatability 0.15 ±0.015m/s • Integral data logger data transfer to PC PrimeFlo-T Compact transit-time flowmeter Application PrimeFlo-T utilises advanced digital processing to meet the practical needs of engineers for measuring flow-rates and total flow at multiple points on water networks. Applications include: • Water network management • Minimum flow measurement • Flow surveys • Pump flow control • In-situ meter validation Programming is user-friendly via the integral keypad and display. PrimeFlo-T has an operational life of 24 hours which makes it suitable for temporary flow monitoring. It may be powered from mains or an internal rechargeable battery. Cables and sensors are protected to IP66.

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Primayer Limited Primayer House Parklands Business Park Denmead Hampshire PO7 6XP United Kingdom T +44 02392 252228 F +44 02392 252235 E salesprimayer.com www.primayer.com Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Description PrimeFlo-T operates on the transit-time principle that sound waves travelling with the water flow will move faster than those travelling against the flow. The resulting difference in transit time is directly proportional to the flow velocity. The ultrasonic sensors attached to the external surface of the pipe wall are used to generate and receive pulses. The flowmeter compensates for changes in the flow profile and water temperature to produce accurate results. PrimeFlo-T system PrimeFlo-T is supplied complete and ready for measurements on all types of metal and plastic pipes. It is supplied with transducers suitable for use on pipe diameters 25mm to 2500mm – with one pair of sensors. The system includes 5 metre sensor cables pipe-clamping fixtures ultrasonic coupling gel measuring tape and PC communications cable. Part Numbers PrimeFlo-T ultrasonic flowmeter RXG 845 pipe diameters: 25 – 2500mm Ultrasonic thickness gauge RXG 851 technology for network management and leakage control LIT -PFT -044-1.0 Correct positioning of the sensors is crucial to collect accurate data PrimeFlo Axially symmetric fow profle Logged flowrate and total flow data

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