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http://www.h2onet.co.za/phocus-hr-2 H2onet provide the best water leak detection equipment suppliers like PHOCUS HR. it’s really usefull for remote leak detection It transmits data via an AMR radio network.


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Phocus.hr Remote leak detection via AMR radio system Primayer technology for network management and leakage control Operation Phocus.hr is an intelligent noise logger which detects the noise generated by a water leak. The logger samples the pipeline noise at one second intervals during each of three periods during the night. Night-time is when the background acoustic noise is lowest. Phocus.hr makes a statistical analysis during each of the three periods to determine the Leakage Confidence Factor LCF or ‘leak alarm’ status. The logger transmits a daily radio message. The message includes the LCF and the level of the lowest measured noise called the Critical Noise Value. This value is important because it determines the proximity of the leak from the Phocus.hr logger. Features • Transmission of daily information • Three different sample periods overnight separate genuine water use from leakage to reduce false alarms • Uses Phocus noise algorithm for better detection of leaks • Significantly reduced operating costs as no ‘drive-by’ required • Integrates with the AMR radio network HOMERIDER SYSTEMS to reduce system costs • Interfaced with the Veolia software LERNE for optimum use of data Phocus.hr is a variant of the Primayer Phocus range of noise logger. It transmits data via the AMR radio network of HOMERIDER SYSTEMS. It is designed to detect and localise leaks in water distribution networks under pressure. Phocus.hr is permanently installed on the network and automatically determines the presence of leaks. Concentrater Repeaters Loggers 12dB 8dB 19dB 12dB 18dB 23dB 33dB 20dB 19dB 9dB dB 12dB B 9d dB 21dB 23dB 22dB 23dB 19dB 23dB 47dB 15dB B 16dB 44dB 31dB 3 18dB 15 5dB d dB B 1 18 17dB 1 17d 11dB 1 1 11 20dB 16dB 18dB 1 19 9 9 9dB d dB dB B 17dB 18 22dB 19dB 20dB 20d 20dB d d 21dB 1 19 19dB B B dB B dB B dB B 18dB B B B 1 1 1 1 18 8 8 8dB B dB B 22dB 9 9 9dB dB 18dB 33dB 1 18 8dB dB 3 3 3 3 20dB 18dB 18dB B 13dB 23dB 29dB 3dB 19dB 8dB B B 1 18 18dB 1 16 12dB dB d 6 6d d 12dB 26dB 8dB 8dB 8 8d 16dB 2 26 11dB 12 2d 20dB 20dB 17dB dB B dB B 16dB 15dB 19 B dB 21dB 15dB 15dB B 18dB 18dB 16dB 0dB 12dB 1 14dB 39dB 23dB 23dB 22 dB 21 dB 30 dB 20 dB 33dB B 23 3dB B B 23dB 47dB B 4 44 4dB d d B 12d 6dB 2 26 2 23 3 B B 23 1 3 33 3dB B B B 1 23dB B 3 39 9dB dB 3dB 3d 20d 2 20 0d d 21 dB 21 B 19 dB 30 30 dB 30 30 20 22 dB B 2 2 21 2 zone A zone D zone D zone A zone B zone B

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Primayer Limited Primayer House Parklands Business Park Denmead Hampshire PO7 6XP United Kingdom T +44 02392 252228 F +44 02392 252235 E salesprimayer.com www.primayer.com Information in this document is subject to change without notice. technology for network management and leakage control Part Number Phocus.hr noise logger AXG 972 including antenna Logger set-up is via the OHR tool Logger characteristics • Determines the presence and intensity of leak noise • Integral accelerometer with high sensitivity • Operation underground in most locations • Powered up to 5 years under typical operating conditions • Submersible to IP68 Tabular results display Logger setup and data handling The Phocus.hr is configured through the OHR software tool plus use of a stroboscopic touch. The operator can define the minimum threshold level of leak noise over which an alarm condition will occur. The daily transmitted data is integrated directly under the host software platform LERNE. The user can access all information including signature of leak noise Critical Noise Value and Leakage Confidence Factor. Noise histogram The leakage status data is stored in LERNE

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