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www.h2onet.co.za Leak detection equipment, Water flow Meter, Pressure Logger Supplier in South Africa - H2onet Water sufferer by leakage can cause severe mutilation if not treated on time. Water giving out can mixture barrier to data logger. This emanation can cost businesses millions of dollars. Water leak are the most common reason for the loss of data. Water leak detection equipments are towering now-a-days and has become very affordable and perhaps owners also considering it to purchase a leak detection equipment for their data centers. http://www.h2onet.co.za/products/water-leak-detection-equipment H2onet is leading Leak detection equipment supplier in South Africa. We have equipments like Water flow Meter, Pressure logger, Flow logger etc http://www.h2onet.co.za/products/pressure-data-logger http://www.h2onet.co.za/products/water-flow-meter-logger Tags: #leakdetectionequipment #leakdetectionequipmentsouthafrica #waterleakdetectionequipmentsouthafrica #leakdetectionequipmentsuppliers #flowloggersouthafrica #pressureloggersouthafrica #waterflowmetersouthafrica


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Technology for Water Network Management & Leakage Control [email protected]

Water Leak Detection Equipment Categories:

Water Leak Detection Equipment Categories Network Management District & leakage metering Network modeling Pressure surveys Open-channel flow Reservoir & borehole depth Flow Meters Flow surveys Flow meter verification Zonal metering Trunk main surveys Leakage Control Leak detection Leak location Trunk main leak location Leak listening Pipe location [email protected]

Network Management:

Network Management PrimeLog + XiLog +   [email protected]

Flow Meters:

Flow Meters PrimeFlo -T   PrimeProbe3 [email protected]

Leakage Control:

Leakage Control Leak Detection Equipment Phocus3m Phocus3 Xstream [email protected]

Leakage Control:

Leakage Control Leak Location Equipment Eureka3   Eureka Digital Enigma   [email protected]

Leakage Control:

Leakage Control Leak Listening Equipment Hykron Mikron3 Mikron3 PrimeTouch ®  [email protected]

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Contact Us Tel : +27 (0)21 706 3279 Cell : +27 (0) 82 900 6859 Email :   [email protected] Sales :   [email protected] Office : 123 Victoria Road, Southfield, Cape Town, South Africa – 7880. Postal Add. : P.O. BOX 484 Plumstead 7801 [email protected]

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