6 Golden Rules to Set Goals That Really Work: Effective Goal Setting


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A person or business cannot be successful without having goals. Goals are important in life. Here are 6 golden rules to set goals that really work in this PPT.


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6 Golden Rules to Set Goals That Really Work: Effective Goal Setting:

6 Golden Rules to Set Goals That Really Work: Effective Goal Setting


Everyone wants to become successful. To win the race of success, there are some goals that play an important role. Lack of goals causes a lack of confidence in achieving goals. Goals not only help to control a direction in life but you can also determine whether you are succeeding or not. Here are 6 golden rules through which you can determine success.

1. Set SMART & Specific Goals:

1. Set SMART & Specific Goals

2. Write Down Your Goals:

2. Write Down Your Goals Make a to-do list and keep this visible at all times. This is the best practice when you have long term goals. You should use active voice while writing them down. This will simplify the process of achieving goals efficiently.

3. Execute Your Plan:

3. Execute Your Plan After writing goals down on the to-do list, you will get a clear vision. Now you put your plan in action. Successful entrepreneurs map out their goals to achieve them.

5. Use the Support System:

5. Use the Support System You cannot achieve your goals alone. There is a need for a support system. You can join your family members, friends and training partners in fulfilling your goals. They can provide encouragement along the way.

6. Evaluate Your Work:

6. Evaluate Your Work When you pur plan into action, there are several bottlenecks that come on the way. It becomes essential to evaluate your work whether you are going on the right path. You can check problems and apply different methods to solve those problems.

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