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Apex Dental Turkey To Know us Better

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Apex Dental Turkey founded twenty-four years ago to provide all customers best possible treatment. Our clinic is a modern institution that not only fulfilling all the requirements of the technology about the treatment method but also sincerity and intimacy in human relationship carefully protected. Apex Dental Turkey family embraces honesty cleanliness being scientific and good-humour as unchangeable principles. Continuousness of service satisfaction and unconditional patient satisfaction is our fundamental philosophy. Our point origin about the implementation of this philosophy is “Treat People the Way You Want to Be Treated” Apex Dental Turkey Team Dentist Odman ERTEKİN

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Dentist Zerrin ERTEKİN

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Dentist Meriç KARASÜLEK

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Patients Coordinator Kevser BİLGİN Our team is composed of qualified persons who are ready to perform all procedures in best possible way by meeting the expectation. Dentists in Apex Dental Turkey have to participate in the Congress in both domestic and foreign to revise their technical information renovate existing qualities of dentistry. So they adapt to proven innovations and start working immediately. In our clinic new techniques and materials are used only after proven as “scientific”. Every dentist in our clinic update herself/himself with modern knowledge and new techniques strengthen her/his expertise both through in-clinic training meetings and after graduation training taken from educational institutions universities associations private institutions etc.. Sterilizations Since we are working in a work environment that is about human health the disinfection and sterilization rules are applied as a maximum level. Cups dental suction saliva absorbers injectors and other equipment’s such as

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personal protection equipment’s for Covid-19 precaution are sterile – disposable and you can be sure about it will be used ONLY ONCE. Prices It is an undeniable truth that Turkey is the best among its competitors in the field of dentistry either its quality or affordable prices. Apex Dental Turkey offers premium quality dental treatments in Antalya. Cost of dental treatments in Turkey is much lesser than what the costs in Europe. Our clinic is fully equipped with modern digital dentistry devices. This brings the high quality and professionalism. Here you can see our price list with this link: https://www.apexdentalturkey.com/prices Dental Tourism Turkey is beautiful country with its culturally rich history. Also it is modern enough to be comfortable but traditional enough to be attractive. Turkey is one of the world’s 10 destinations for tourism thanks to its beauty and friendly people. Turkey is welcoming more than approximately 50 million visitors each year. There are a significant percentage of people travelling to Antalya annually for dental care with affordable prices and enjoy plenty of touristic attractions at the same time – Olympos and the Chimaera Karain Cave Köprülü Canyon National Park Aspendos Old Town Saklikent Canyon The Lycian Way for example. As we all know get your teeth done in Turkey is much cheaper than another countries and it is not a comparable thing refreshing yourself with a Mediterranean Holiday that Turkey can offer you. Combine your Dental Care with a Unique Mediterranean Holiday while straightening your line and getting brand-new teeth.

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Popular Treatments Dental Implants

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Implant is an artificial screw imitates the real tooth compatible with the jaw- bone thanks to the surgical techniques. Implants are made of titanium and the structure of implants designed in different ways to imitate the tooth function. Titanium made implants are tissue-compatible materials and best alternative to natural teeth. It can be preferable for teeth that are lost by trauma age or gum diseases. Apex Dental Turkey team is one of the pioneers in our country in the area of contemporary implantology with its experience. Our implantology team equipped with experience and contemporary knowledge has proven its success in dental implants. Smile Makeover Smile is a composition of teeth gums and lips. Just as coherence among the paragraphs of a literary composition renders the text successful the relation between the teeth gums and lips ensures the integrity and naturality of the smile aesthetics. Our objective with the Smile Makeover is to organize the relation and harmony between the teeth gums and lips using some aesthetic parameters we call the Golden Ratio. While creating a smile design dentist and technicians should focus not only on form and function but on gender profession and even lifestyle. The smile of the individual is the reflection of the personality. The dentist should be aware of what a procedure will mean for his patient. Therefore our first priority is to balance the size of your teeth according to the Golden Ratio and we are also aware of the fact that cracked chipped stained discoloured teeth ruining your smile beautiful teeth makes you look younger healthier and attractive.

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Contact Information Patients Coordinator: Kevser Bilgin Phone: +90 541 243 17 27 Website: https://www.apexdentalturkey.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/apexdentalturkey Facebook: https://facebook.com/apexdentalturkey Adress: Zümrütova Mahallesi Sinanoğlu Caddesi No 69/A 07200 Muratpaşa / Antalya / TURKEY

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