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Finding The Right Accessories To Keep Guinea Pigs Comfortable When you want to get a family pet you can a number of fun accessories and lovely cages that will keep them comfortable. These are fun and exciting friends that you can make part of the family. Read through this article to learn how you can get a guinea pig keep it happy and find all the products that you need for these new friends. Plus you need to remember that giving them a nice place to sleep helps them live longer and have a more fruitful life. Where Do You Find Your Guinea Pig There are guinea pigs for sale adoption in many places and you will find different breeds of these animals. You should get a guinea pig and a friend to keep with it. Guinea pigs are not loners. Even if the guinea pigs do not get along They like being near one of their own kind. Because of this you may want to get two cages so that you can have two or three guinea pigs but the loner can have their own space. Having just one guinea pig is psychologically unsafe for the animal. How Do You Set Up Their Living Space Think of the guinea pig cage as a studio apartment. That space needs to allow the guinea pig to litter happily eat drink and sleep. Plus they need to have space to play so that they can use their energy. Yes you can take your guinea pig out of the cage and play with them throughout the day but they

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should be in the cage if you are at work if you have larger animals that might harm them or if they are going to bed. Consider bedtime as a way to get your guinea pigs on a schedule. You can teach them to go to bed the same way you would a dog. If you get them on a routine they are more likely to go to sleep when you want them to. Plus your guinea pig will do everything more regularly including littering eating and playing. How Do You Buy Guinea Pig Fleece Bedding Cage Liners When you are buying the guinea pig fleece bedding cage liners you are trying to make the space as comfortable possible. You can add a few linens that will give your guinea pig a place to rest and you should also give them liners that they can scratch on when they litter. Though they do not litter like cats they still use the base of their cage for this purpose. The cage should have a liner that is easy to clean and you want something that you can pull out and clean in just a few seconds. The cage should be large enough that all the pigs can move around and you also need to consider who is more playful or who likes to sleep. You can set up all the special “rooms” that the guinea pigs will use and you must remember that you should rearrange the space when you notice that the guinea pigs are not using the space the way you intended. You need to adjust to their living patterns. Conclusion When you are thinking of getting guinea pigs for the family you need to use all the steps to get the results you need for their health and happiness. When your guinea pigs have a nice place to live they will sleep well live well and thrive. Plus they tend to live longer when you have taken great care of how you manage their living space and who sleeps where.