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MAKING YOUR CAVY COMFORTABLE: BED FOR GUINEA PIG If you decide to breed your guinea pig it is a good idea to see how many breeders and availability in your area frst. This will give you an idea of how much competition you will have when its time to sell your new puppies. If you determine a lot of competition then you might have trouble selling it. The good Guinea pig breeders are knowledgeable and can talk to several experts with potential buyers to explain what they need to provide care and conduct for their new pet. Give a detailed list that shows the type of food that guinea pigs can or cannot eat. After all you want the new owner to know as much information about their new generation as possible. Hundreds of guinea pigs die every year just because their owners dont know the right treatment for them or often just breed them constantly. One of the best things you can do in preparation for adoption before breeding your guinea pig. This way you know they will go to a nice and loving home and you dont need to fnd a buyer for them. You will fnd that the reason most people do not breed their guinea pigs is that they will not have enough space for all the new baby guinea pigs. Also most people know that they dont have the money or time to support many new puppies in their rabbit cages.

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What is the Best Guinea Pig Bed you think to give your little cavy Thats a very good question Your thoughts we will tell you exactly what bed products are suitable for you Actually the bedding solution that is most suitable for you depends on the cage arrangement the cost and time you have. People use all kinds of products for their bedding but everything depends on your priorities. Many cavy owners use processed paper products such as newspapers and pine or pine shavings as well. There really isnt a right answer but we will help you achieve some potential options. There are also many other Guinea Pig Bed options that can work depending on what you want to do. Newspapers aspen shavings pine shavings wood/pine pellets straw towels and fur all have their advantages and disadvantages. As you know there are many potential options that can be used. One thing is certain you need to do some testing to determine whats best for you and your guinea pig. Make your guinea pig as comfortable as possible. Make the environment warm comfortable and free of dust or dirt. Dont use anything that will attract insects and bugs and Im sure your hairy little partner will adore you forever. Again if you have categorical questions about what might be the best sleeping pad for your guinea pig you can search the internet for forums or groups that have guinea pigs as their main interests and you must be in a position to see what else do it.