Unusual Reasons to Teach English Abroad

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Apart from the usual reasons, better climate, tax exemptions and lower living costs abroad can be compelling reasons for British citizens to work abroad as English teachers. As the world is trying to speak better English, there is are loads of jobs to pick from, from all over the world.


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Unusual Reasons to Teach English Abroad While many are coming into UK to find work there are always those people who want to move out of the UK to find work. Not that they are not earning enough or not finding a decent employment in the UK but we will come to the reason later. If you want to move out of UK and find work then there are many benefits and teaching English is becoming one of the most sought after career options because the whole non-English speaking world is willing to spend on learning English. Firstly you land in a pretty predictable weather. Depending on which country you choose as your destination you will get either hot or cold and nothing in-between unless of course you are witnessing the rainy season when you know that you need to keep your umbrella with you for approximately 3 months. Secondly there are some tax rebates and cheaper living costs which combine to give you a solid reason for moving out of the UK as well. Finally you get to experience the diverse culture of different countries of the world. Even if you work for a year and then return home you will find it hard to forget the adventurous life you led for the year. Who knows you might want to get back to that life. During the English summer the maximum temperature of cities like Birmingham reaches 20 but half of the time it is raining. Thus the effective low temperature goes to 6 so basically you dont experience any heat during the summer. If you find a paid English teaching job abroad and travel to an Asian country like Thailand you will see a constant 30+ temperature during the summer which is almost 9 months of the year. Even the nights are warm as the low temperature doesnt go below 20. Except for the rainy season which lasts for three months the chances of rain is minimum as well. If you leave UK before 5 th of April which is the last day of the financial year you can also apply for tax refund provided that you can prove that you plan to be away from the UK for more than one year. You need to fill a P45 form before you leave and you will get the tax refund within 6-8 weeks. In short going abroad to teach would be an adventure which pays you well. Content is originally taken from https://goo.gl/nDAP9P Contact Us Go TEFL Thailand PS Building 3 213/2 Huay Kaew Rd. SuthepMuang Chiang Mai Thailand 50200 Tel: +66 53-400-001 Mobile: +66 88-402-8217 Email: contactgoteflthailand.com Web: http://www.goteflthailand.com/

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