TESOL Certificate Opens Up Plenty Job Opportunities

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TESOL certificates can help you securing a high paying ESL teaching job abroad. Your chances for these jobs increase and you can apply to many jobs which are exclusively for the certificate holders. You will come across people and trainers, during your training, who can help you to shape your career.


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TESOL Certificate Opens Up Plenty Job Opportunities The benefits of having a TEFL TESL or TESOL certificate is immense especially if you are looking for an ESL teaching job. Technically it is possible to have ESP teaching job without any of those certifications but you will see that the candidates with any of those certificates are being preferred over you in every job you have applied for. You will also see that the jobs you can apply to would become scarce and if you have dream of teaching English in one of the European countries like France Spain Germany or Italy you better give up that dream because virtually every school from those countries make it mandatory for the candidate to have a TESOL certificate. You might wonder about the reason behind this. There are many reasons but the most important reason is that these certificates prove your level of competency in teaching English. ESL teaching is different from other forms of teaching. There are many different challenges and techniques which the ESP teacher needs to use to effectively deliver the lesson. These techniques are taught during the TESOL certification. A potential employer will trust that the certified teacher is capable of delivering excellent English lessons. A certified teacher is also expected and trusted to have the techniques we just spoke about. In most of the cases you can’t have a face to face interview with your employer. Thus they will rely on the available documents certificates and qualifications to make up their mind and your TESOL certification would obviously impact their decision. However as we said previously it is still possible to get an ESL teaching job without the TESOL certificate. In some cases a qualified teacher might not enjoy any advantage over a non-certified teacher but those cases are rare. Most of the time the non-certified teacher would have much less chances of securing a job and even if they do the salary would be much lower. Apart from these practical reasons there are the advantages of making connections with the other candidates in the same field. When you do TESOL certification programs abroad you not only receive the certificate but come across many people who might help you in securing a great position in your career. The institutes where you take up the training courses for TESOL would also help you and send you to interviews of high paying jobs. Content is originally taken from https://goo.gl/OPaAv9 Contact Us Go TEFL Thailand PS Building 3 213/2 Huay Kaew Rd. SuthepMuang Chiang Mai Thailand 50200 Tel: +66 53-400-001 Mobile: +66 88-402-8217 Email: contactgoteflthailand.com Web: http://www.goteflthailand.com/

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