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Guido Baechler is giving you details about the Funny Horror Spoofs which you can enjoy. Guido Baechler Jeridoo believes these horror spoofs are quite funny.


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Top Five Funny Horror Spoofs of All Time:

Top Five Funny Horror Spoofs of All Time B y: Guido Baechler

5: Young Frankenstein:

5: Young Frankenstein Young Frankenstein is absolutely the greatest horror spoof of all time. Even if kids don’t understand where all of the jokes come from, that won’t stop anyone from laughing at them. One of the little-known trivial facts about Young Frankenstein is that Mel Brooks was responsible for all of the animal noises in the movie. Also, Wilder was ready to quit if Puttin ’ On The Ritz did not go in. Brooks had to fight for a budget.

4: Ghostbusters:

4 : Ghostbusters After a surprising amount of research into paranormal hunting, as well as an incredibly funny script, Murray did make the first film. The sad part is that it took John Belushi’s death to open up the part of Peter Venkman . The happy part is one of the most beloved and quotable movies of all time. Now we all know that “if someone asks if you are a God…you say YES!!!”

3: The Monster Squad:

3 : The Monster Squad Literally , you cannot meet anyone who has seen The Monster Squad that does not adore this movie. Most people go crazy, Jerry Maguire-style, at the line “ Wolfman’s got nards.” Personally, there is a lot of affection for “my name is Horace.” This is one of the most quotable comedies since Caddyshack . The characters are well-developed as well.

2: Saturday the 14th:

2: Saturday the 14th As Bart Simpson would say, “I thought dabbling in the Dark Arts would be good for a chuckle. How wrong I was.” Saturday the 14th was meant to be a spoof of Friday the 13th. The makers just managed to spoof everything else in the process. A new family moves into a very old house. Naturally, the kids find an old book that should not be read.

1: Fright Night:

1: Fright Night Contrary to somewhat popular belief, being a teenager can be very tough. There are embarrassing situations, like the time you face-palmed when your Mom invited a vampire into your living room. There is also the slight awkwardness when the girl you have wanted forever suddenly turns into a vampire.

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